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On July 22, in the Ogilvy Industrial Park, Zhang Xuefeng, deputy director of the Zhijiang Municipal Bureau of economy, information technology and commerce, asked, "are there any difficulties in the project construction? We now call for response to both the project construction and the business environment, as long as we say so." Zhang Xuefeng's words made the project leader feel warm

the business inside the courtyard wall is up to the enterprise the final say, and the business outside the courtyard wall is left to the government. With the clarion call for accelerating economic recovery across the province, Zhijiang City has further strengthened the optimization of the business environment, issued supporting policies, and established special classes to serve key enterprises and key projects. The project service special class established by Zhijiang economic and Information Bureau of Commerce and Majiadian street takes root in the site of Ogilvy medical project, and makes wisdom and efforts to serve the whole process of enterprise project construction

the project leader of Ogilvy & Mather said, "there is a problem now. Our workers are not sure now. Individual temporary needs may be increased. You need to help coordinate the purchase of insurance. Now, for someone, we need to hand in our ID card to buy insurance, which is more troublesome."

Zhang special rubber: fluororubber material with high fluorine content and hydrogenated nitrile rubber Xuefeng said, "there is no problem. Give us the information, and we will communicate with the insurance company to solve the problem as soon as possible."

Ogilvy medical's automatic production line for medical dressings with an annual output of 20000 standard containers is another key project in Zhijiang City. The project covers an area of 70 mu with a total investment of 341million. The project will newly install 243 sets of fully automatic gauze folding and packaging machines, automatic production lines for medical non-woven fabrics and other equipment. It is expected to be completed and put into operation in December this year

since the commencement of the project, the special service team has been stationed on the construction site for on-site office. From the compaction of the work to the gathering of working forces, the special team members have coordinated and promoted the key work. At present, the foundation acceptance of the second workshop of the project has been completed, and the main steel structure of the third workshop is under construction, which is planned to be completed as a whole by October 31 this year

in addition to the medical dressing automatic production line project under construction by Ogilvy & Mather, the special service class also provides follow-up services for Ogilvy & Mather 2. It is necessary to connect the pipes before refueling the protective equipment production base project. This project is an important part of the Ogilvy & Mather medical industry chain, and it is also an important part of Yichang to build into a national disease prevention and control system reform and public health system construction demonstration city

Zhang Xuefeng said: "this project passed the Ogilvy & Mather shareholders' meeting on May 21, and then the project special class composed of the Municipal Bureau of economy, information technology and Commerce and Madian Street entered the service. After the project special class entered the service, it quickly sorted out the work process, arranged the construction period upside down, and carried out the poster battle. At present, around the requirement of starting work in 70 days, we have sorted out 47 service functions, implemented them item by item, and now 17 have been completed."

since entering Ogilvy & Mather, the project special class has included three projects, including Ogilvy & Mather's disease control and protective equipment production base project and the automatic production line of medical dressings with an annual output of 20000 standard containers, into the scope of services, and has determined the overall goal of "building efficient and accurate service projects, accelerating the construction of disease control and creating protective parks with various recyclable materials (including other new materials), actively striving for policies and funds, After completing the problems left by house demolition and land requisition, the investor can buy more suitable and practical equipment, and carry out the relocation and reconstruction of natural gas and high-voltage lines, accelerating the landing and commencement of enterprise projects

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