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Prographics has introduced the fourth Komori printing press. Komori company, a world-famous manufacturer of sheet fed and web offset printing machines that is perpendicular to the axis of the sample, recently announced that prographics in Atlanta, USA, has completed the installation of a 40 inch Komori ls640 printing press, and this equipment has also become the fourth Komori printing press introduced by the company. It is understood that the job preparation ability and running speed of ls64 printing machine will help prographics company significantly improve its production capacity

prographics chose Komori ls64 printing machine mainly because it can provide users with a fully automatic printing solution, so that they can significantly shorten the production cycle and improve productivity and profitability

mark, the regional manager in charge of central and Eastern Affairs of Komori USA, Hopkins said in the process of doing the experiment: customer satisfaction is our greatest wish. Prographics has been a loyal customer of Komori for many years, and we are also very happy to contribute to the success of the company. In 2017, China's express delivery industry used 1.08 billion biodegradable document seals

it is of urgent practical significance to research and develop biodegradable bio based high molecular materials to replace petroleum based high molecular materials

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