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Progress from stacking to channel storage

in order to achieve the purpose of automatic operation 24 hours a day and feedback tracking of goods according to EU 178/2002 regulations, Salomon automation Fuer hardthof fruchtsaft GmbH has reconstructed and expanded the manual stacking warehouse, making it an automatic channel warehouse with 7800 pallet storage spaces and automatic connection with production

Jinan assaying first needs to make clear the rigidity of materials before measurement.

hardthof fruchtsaft GmbH is a company under refreshco group, which produces and provides fruit juice food packaged in cartons. The company has 200 employees and its production base is located in burgstetten, geruensfeld and dachwig near Erfurt in bad Wuerttemberg state. As the production capacity doubled, the company decided to transform the existing stacked warehouse into a channel warehouse

the new logistics measures make the logistics operation more perfect

the efficiency of goods transportation in and out is improved. The peak efficiency of the continuous operation of the whole set of equipment is 140 pallets/hour (the general operation is 120 pallets/hour). Moreover, through new logistics measures, especially through the automatic blanking and automatic stock system of the production line, the optimization potential of the enterprise can be tapped. The detection of all pallets, the situation of passing through the conveying device, the alignment and clamping of the brush clamp of the empty pallet by the conveying trolley, and the conveying of the remaining wool bundles, as well as the conveying of the outer pallet to the baling robot station, are all controlled by the wamas warehouse management system. Wamas warehouse management system can ensure continuous tracking of products (including packaging) under the provisions of EU regulation 178/2002. Since this set of facilities is installed in the existing production workshop with a clear height of only 7.3m, it is necessary to choose a channel warehouse with four pallets. The warehouse has a total of 975 channels, each with 8 European pallets or 16 Dusseldorf? Half pallet, the total newly developed carbon fiber will be tested by BMW Group, with a length of 145m, and will be serviced by four stackers

recently put into use are battery rack vehicles developed by Salomon automation in friesach and Siba system integration in wels? (AKF), this kind of vehicle has high working efficiency. It can transport European pallets and Dusseldorf pallets at the same time without the use of beam brackets. AKF vehicles can be transported and stored by holding the shoulder of the pallet longitudinally. The advantage of this transportation method is that it can reduce the construction cost of the warehouse, which is different from the previous triple support structure

cordless structure can prevent wear

akf vehicles adopt a wireless remote control system, which means that wires will not be worn. Since there is no cable drum, the stacker can also be closer to the shelf. In the case of continuous use, the service life of the battery is more than three years, and this kind of battery can be charged on the stacker

A new feature of wamas warehouse management system is the automatic adjustment of operation value. The whole device is automatically monitored according to the real-time value. For example, fast vehicles can drive slowly when the load is small, so as to save energy consumption and reduce wear. When the load increases, the vehicle also avoids the cumbersome task of changing different experimental attachments in the same space, and the power can be increased to realize fast driving. In this way, the ability of the equipment can be brought into full play. (end)

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