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Tianjin will fill more than 1000 hectares of the sea to build a chemical base project

Tianjin will fill more than 1000 hectares of the sea to build a chemical base project

March 31, 2005

recently, Tianjin Lingang Industrial Zone Construction and Development Co., Ltd., the largest sea area use project in Tianjin, applied for 1210 hectares of coastal reclamation in Tanggu District to build a chemical base project, which was approved by the State Council, Thus, it has the right to develop and use the relevant sea areas for 50 years

Tianjin Port Industrial Zone is a major measure taken by Tanggu District of Tianjin to expand urban development space and vigorously develop port industry. It is located in the shallow sea area on the south side of the estuary of Tanggu Haihe River, adjacent to Tianjin port, Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone and Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone. Relying on the reclamation of land from the sea, the industrial zone takes the refining and chemical projects as the leader, takes the petrochemical and marine chemical industries that can be given in a simplified way, the fine chemical and shipbuilding industries as the leading industries, and takes the high-tech and high-tech industries with high market share as the expansion direction, so as to build the port industrial zone into a national petrochemical base and industrial park with world-class scale, modernization level, international competitive advantage and sustainable development potential

in 2005, Tianjin Lingang Industrial Zone will invest 1.3 billion yuan to complete land reclamation of 10 square kilometers. Among them, 8 square kilometers have achieved "three supplies and one leveling", and 3 square kilometers have achieved "six supplies and one leveling", providing land for the relocation of soda ash projects and other project construction. At the same time, two 5000 ton wharves will be built, 17.6 kilometers of seven planned trunk roads in the area will be completed, and instrument operation and startup will be built: turn on the power switch of the measurement and control box to form a water supply pressurization station, start the construction of substations, thermal power plants and industrial gas plants, and preliminarily build water supply and drainage systems, fire prevention systems, natural gas pipelines and industrial gas pipelines, forming a comprehensive supporting infrastructure and utilities, Ensure that the Tianjin xinlongqiao project is put into operation on schedule in October, and ensure that investment attraction is 4billion yuan, striving for more than 6billion yuan

according to the Tianjin Oceanic Administration, since the implementation of the law of the sea, China has ended the free and disorderly use of the sea. All uses of the sea must be approved by the relevant government and pay the sea area use fee. Generally, land reclamation of less than 50 hectares shall be reviewed by Tianjin Municipal Oceanic Administration and reported to Tianjin municipal government for approval. Land reclamation of more than 50 hectares shall be reported to the State Council for approval. In recent years, the application of Tianjin enterprises to use the sea is on the rise

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