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Changchun, Jilin Province launched the "group and phoenix" plan to cultivate technical talents

focusing on the huge demand of the market prospect of the relevant supporting industries of FAW Group of China, automobile supporting projects have become the advantageous industries that CFRTP focuses on developing for private enterprises in Changchun, Jilin Province. The most important basic machinery processing and manufacturing industry, Changchun private machinery manufacturing industry, relying on the advantages of China's FAW industrial cluster, has become an important new force in China's automobile machinery manufacturing

according to the data of Jilin Province, the local matching rate of auto parts of FAW Group or its affiliated auto enterprises in the province is currently close to 40%, but there is still a huge room for growth in the future. The application of machinery manufacturing, especially CNC machine tool technology, brings convenience and possibility to the product diversification of the auto industry, but also brings new bottlenecks to the development of enterprises engaged in the production of auto parts, especially private small and medium-sized micro machinery manufacturing enterprises, The long-term shortage of mechanical numerical control talents has seriously restricted the development of private machinery manufacturing industry in Changchun, and has become the main obstacle to the promotion of the industry

"although the service life is long, Changchun private machinery manufacturing and processing industry started late, relying on the huge market potential of China FAW Group, small and medium-sized manufacturers still have a lot of development opportunities." Tangmingzhe, chairman of Jilin huazhun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and executive chairman and Secretary General of the machinery manufacturing industry chamber of Commerce of Changchun Federation of industry and commerce, told the China business times that due to the strong guidance of local government departments in recent years, nearly thousands of automobile related supporting production enterprises have gathered around Changchun, most of which are small and medium-sized private enterprises, although the industry is large in scale and quantity, However, it is still difficult to get rid of the dilemma of lacking new technologies and being able to walk at the low end of products. "The private basic manufacturing industry must break through the talent trap, which has reached an urgent level."

under the current situation, private small and medium-sized machinery manufacturing enterprises urgently need to solve the problems faced by the current industry by themselves: with the continuous emergence of large and high-tech industries, technical universities and technical majors frequently encounter enrollment difficulties, and the source of students has become a "permanent pain" for some engineering majors. On the other hand, excellent technical students can't find suitable enterprises and positions, while private enterprises urgently need technical positions, Due to the lack of circulation of supply and demand information, the "phoenix" has been delayed, and the production and development of private enterprises have been seriously restricted

with the attention of the Changchun Federation of industry and commerce, Tang Mingzhe and more than 200 member enterprises of the chamber of Commerce began to plan the "Phoenix acquisition" plan: "industry university research" and "school enterprise alliance". Private enterprises build a new generation of Chinese technical craftsmen by themselves, reserve high-precision and cutting-edge technical talents, and organize strong ability to integrate prices within a reasonable range through the chamber of Commerce of the Federation of industry and commerce, so as to do something practical for the machinery manufacturing industry. The "group and phoenix" plan immediately received a positive response from Changchun College of automotive industry. As the only applied technology professional school in the cradle of China's automobile industry, it is a rare opportunity to have a direct connection with hundreds of machinery manufacturing enterprises. It is not only a new teaching mode for the school, but also an important basis for cooperation between the two sides to create talents for the application of new technologies in China's automobile industry

recently, the strategic ceremony of school enterprise cooperation between the two sides and the CNC apprenticeship craftsman training class were officially launched. Among them, 200 skilled craftsmen can basically alleviate the current employment needs of member enterprises of the chamber of Commerce. In order to solve the sustainable development of basic machinery manufacturing industry, the plan of 200 entrepreneurs in machinery manufacturing industry was also launched at the same time

Qu Chunyu, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the Changchun municipal Party committee, Secretary of the Party group and executive vice chairman of the Changchun Federation of industry and commerce, believes that school enterprise cooperation is an internal requirement for the development and progress of private enterprises under the new situation and a strategic measure to achieve a win-win situation, which is both an urgent task and a long-term plan

267 wooden fire door "all member enterprises of the chamber of Commerce unanimously agree with such a 'group and Phoenix'." With the unanimous promotion of member enterprises of the chamber of Commerce and the Changchun Federation of industry and commerce, the "forging plan" of 200 technical artisans and 200 entrepreneurs in the machinery manufacturing industry has been implemented

apprenticeship craftsman class is an operation mode in which the chamber of commerce uses cooperation with colleges and universities to select excellent high-quality, excellent and top-notch talents from college students. Relying on Colleges and universities, through integration with physical enterprises, students will be trained as practical technical artisans from enrollment, practice in study and learn from practice, so that students can master top professional knowledge and skills and become skilled craftsmen in machinery manufacturing technology

Tang Mingzhe introduced that during the study period, the chamber of commerce enterprises will assign professional technicians to give professional guidance to students who participate in the training of "craftsmen", provide students with industry-leading technology observation and learning, and have "teachers" with rich industry experience to carry out inheritance training for these 200 "craftsmen". In the next three to five years, these student "craftsmen" will not only be able to master CNC professional technology, In the close cooperation between schools and enterprises, these "craftsmen" also need to have independent innovation ability, and finally become the "big craftsmen" of enterprise production technology

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