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Build a better life three tree project 2020 "urban renewal and reconstruction of existing buildings" Yunfeng will shake the opening

build a better life three tree project 2020 "urban renewal and reconstruction of existing buildings" Yunfeng will shake the opening, paint,

build a better life three tree project 2020 "urban renewal and reconstruction of existing buildings" Yunfeng will shake the opening

May 19, 2020

Abstract: big coffee get together, Build a better life with the development of the new material industry supported by the state

empower the old to transform, revitalize the new urban architecture, and build a better life. On May 18, the Yunfeng meeting of the three trees project 2020 "urban renewal · reconstruction of existing buildings" shocked the opening! More than 10000 online guests gathered together, with 25000 interactive messages. The guests at the meeting saw the new changes in the securities industry and worked together to help the city revitalize

△ the scene of the 2020 "urban renewal and existing building reconstruction" cloud summit of the three trees project

recently, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, which determined to strengthen the reconstruction of old urban communities, promote the benefit of people's livelihood and expand domestic demand, and accelerate the total amount and pace of the reconstruction of old urban communities in all provinces across the country. In his opening speech, Mr. Lin Dedian, vice president of sankeshu, said: "urban renewal, the future has come! Sankeshu project grasps the pulse of the times, leads the trend of the times, and leads the industry. At present, sankeshu has participated in the old reform and construction of many national key projects, carries forward the spirit of craftsmanship, and shapes a fine culture."

△ Mr. Lin Dedian's opening speech

buildings carry the changes of a city, and urban renewal makes the city look new. Ms. Qin Hong, former director of the policy research center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, deputy director of the Department of urban and rural construction economics of the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, expert enjoying government subsidies from the State Council, and director of the urban renewal research center of the national Development Institute of Renmin University of China, told the development law of urbanization, the development law of urbanization, and the current unique urbanization process in China from an international perspective, It shows that urban renewal has become a key area of urban construction in China, and urban renewal is the general trend and imperative

△ Ms. Qin Hong delivered a speech entitled "urban renewal: new opportunities for urban development"

in the process of the development of sankeshu project, the support of partners is indispensable. Therefore, sankeshu is a long-term partner and one of the world's largest suppliers of coating raw materials, Dr. liyaobang, business director of Greater China of Dow paint materials business department, came to the live broadcast to bring us a share of "city glow, paint wonderful" and said: in the face of the problems existing in the process of urban old transformation, Dow raw materials will comprehensively help the building glow and the city glow

△ Dr. Li Yaobang delivered a speech on "city glow, wonderful paint"

all along, the beautiful park environment of the "zuimei enterprise" of three trees has made everyone yearn. During the live broadcast, online viewers also visited the zuimei factory of three trees through the video "cloud" to further understand the three tree enterprises

△ sankeshu park will automatically shut down when the experimental force exceeds the set maximum force by 2~10%

in August 2019, sankeshu project launched the world's first "urban renewal" engineering service brand. Dr. Lin Jinbin, deputy general manager and director of marketing department of sankeshu engineering paint division, delivered a speech on "urban renewal brand positioning and introduction to urban renewal product system" and a visual display of the old transformation case video, Let's further understand the contribution of the three trees project in the field of urban renewal

△ Dr. Lin Jinbin delivered a speech on the brand positioning and product system of urban renewal

as the pace of urban renewal accelerates, various pain points and difficulties will be encountered in the process of the project. Mr. Zhao Guangyu, general manager of sankeshu building energy conservation division of this summit, Dr. caizhengwei, product director of Shanghai sankeshu Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd Dr. Guojia, director of waterproof technology research and development of sankeshu technology center, delivered speeches on three major issues, namely, the energy-saving transformation of outer wall buildings, the waterproof transformation of roofs, and the transformation of underground garages, and put forward targeted solutions

△ Mr. Zhao Guangyu delivered a speech on energy-saving transformation solutions for exterior wall buildings

△ Dr. caizhengwei delivered a speech on roof waterproof transformation solutions

△ Dr. Guo Jia delivered a speech on transformation solutions for underground garages

refresh the city's impression and build a beautiful life. Adhering to the vision of "rejuvenating the city and making life better", the three trees project will contribute to the improvement of the city's image and help the government promote it through urban rejuvenation services. 1 The company decided to improve the transparency of its cobalt supply chain by the end of 2017, urban quality improvement and old city reconstruction, cultural inheritance and innovation, and work together to create a better life home, so as to "make the home healthier and the city more beautiful" and do a meaningful and valuable great cause

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