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Sichuan Deyang will build a 50000 ton rutile titanium dioxide technical transformation project

Sichuan Deyang will build a 50000 ton rutile titanium dioxide technical transformation project

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April 19, 2012

[China paint information] build a heavy assembly base with international competitiveness, a domestic first-class strategic emerging industry demonstration base, and a new chemical industry base in the West. In 2012, Deyang will accelerate the construction of "three bases" and strive to build a modern industrial system with regional competitiveness

Deyang will promote the development of traditional chemical industry towards cleaner, refined and high added value, strengthen resource integration, strengthen and expand leading enterprises, vigorously promote the upgrading of chemical products, and build a new chemical base in the West. Speed up the technological progress and elimination of backward production capacity in the chemical industry, strengthen the treatment, recycling, reduction and reuse of industrial solid waste, build a batch of circular economy demonstration projects, and form a batch of new chemical industry (1) coaxial cycle. This is a diverse upper ring economic demonstration enterprises and new chemical ecological parks of the correction point, so as to realize the large-scale, intensive and clean production of the chemical industry. Key implementation: the second phase construction of longmang new city base, the 50000 ton annual rutile titanium dioxide technical transformation project of Panlong minerals company, and why is it easy to offset the testing machine of Deyang China leather and chemical base? A number of major projects, such as the construction of Meifeng's "fertilizer + chemical industry" circular economy model, have upgraded the chemical industry from resource consumption to recycling and ecological environmental protection

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