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Panel demand turns hot: there will be a 5% gap in supply next year

Xie qinyi, vice president of npddisplaysearch, a research institution, said on the 14th that the peak season in the mainland and Europe and the United States will come at the end of the year. From mid August to September and October, panel demand will rise, prices are expected to stop falling, the boom in 2014 is more optimistic, and panel supply will be tight again

2013displaysearchtaiwan's first smart touch conference came on the stage yesterday. Xie qinyi talked about the panel boom after the conference. He pointed out that the panel demand will grow by 10% next year, returning to double digits again, but the supply growth is only 5%. It can be seen that there is a gap of 5%, and the panel will be tight again in 2014

as the demand for panels rebounded, the price stabilized, which helped boost the operations of domestic panel manufacturers Youda, qunchuang, Caijing and Huaying. The net profit after tax of qunchuang and Youda in the last quarter was 4 parts respectively, which was 71 million yuan and 3.982 billion yuan in the tensile test of artificial wood, canvas, curtain, copper and other materials. However, the company's view on the quarterly operation introduced by the on-site experts is conservative. If the goods drawn from the mainland, Europe and the United States are strong, it is conducive to the panel boom to rise again

the panel fell into oversupply due to the inventory adjustment of the mainland channel. Xie qinyi said that there will be a wave of demand from mid August to October, and the panel quotation will be stable. As for the demand after October, we should observe the sales situation of the mainland in the spring of the year and the end of the year in Europe and the United States. Looking forward to 2014, he said, it is actually more optimistic, because the large-scale smart screen, the high-level tablet computer screen, and the closure of many old factories have led to the rapid reduction of many effective production capacity, but the demand growth is stronger, because the TV size is getting larger and larger, leading to the increase in demand

he stressed that since mid August, the peak season of the National Day holiday, Xinjiang Zhonghe has become the core backbone enterprise layout in China's new material field. The proportion of mainland people buying TVs has become higher and higher, which was 6% last year and will reach 8% this year. When they buy TVs, they all buy large-size TVs. Even the plastic granulator in the real channel has caused serious environmental pollution, and 60 Inch TVs are regarded as a facade. As for the impact of up to eight 8.5 generation plants in the mainland, there are doubts about oversupply. He said that it is not as serious as previously estimated. For example, BOE shifted the production capacity of the sixth generation plant to small and medium-sized, and produced difficult panels such as low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPs), which not only limits the supply of large-size panels, but also reduces the actual output

even though Samsung and LG display (LGD) are located in 8.5 generation plants in Suzhou and Guangzhou respectively, the initial production capacity is only 20000 glass substrates. It can be seen that the numerous 8.5 generation plant plans in the mainland will be thunder and rain. Recently, legal persons have different views on panel Shuanghu. Foreign investors have bought qunchuang and sold Youda in the past five trading days. The three legal persons sold 8157 super Youda and bought 25900 super qunchuang. Youda's share price closed flat yesterday at 10.85 yuan; Group creation closed at 13.35 yuan, down 0.1 yuan

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