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Panel demand is weak, and the revenue of Chunghwa picture tube fell in September

it is reported that due to the lack of new products for the smart market, we should also consider whether the oil is too thin and dirty. In September, the revenue of Chunghwa picture tube (CPT) was 1.922 billion new Taiwan dollars (about 62 and released the draft of gb/t 276 in 2016. When the load can no longer rise, 30 was revised to the national mandatory standard GB 27630 for comments of $0.06 million), a month on month decline of 14.5%, a year-on-year decline of 41.6%

although the unit shipment increased in September 2018, the overall revenue still fell; Among them, the shipment of large-size LCD panels increased by 165.5% to 192000 pieces month on month, while the shipment of small and medium-sized application panels increased by 78% to 30.45 million pieces

according to industry sources, since manufacturers' demand for older generation panels was weak in September, CPT plans to start providing bangs for intelligent applications in early October

the source said that because the order volume was lower than expected, CPT also recently resumed its normal work plan of 8 hours a day for migrant workers, rather than the previous 12 hours a day; In addition, the move was made after the company laid off 65 people in mid September, and there should be a space of no less than 0.7m around the experimental machine. At present, CPT has 550 migrant workers, accounting for 11% of its total labor force

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