The hottest panel investment in China is overheate

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China's panel investment is overheated and out of control

"2016 International Display Industry Summit Forum" was held in Beijing a few days ago. Wang Weiwei, director of the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, said at the forum that at present, 10 enterprises are continuing to actively invest and hope that enterprises can make investment judgments more calmly

Chinese panel manufacturers seem to be considered to promote factory construction with the support of the central government, but in fact, they are funded by local governments such as provinces and cities that hope to attract factories. A LCD panel or organic EL panel factory needs hundreds of billions of yen of investment. The investment of funds from local governments and unsecured financing attract many manufacturers

1 flame retardant material after 2010, only BOE and csot have launched LCD panel factories in a total of 7 places. Although Chinese manufacturers ensured a high market share, the result was oversupply, leading to a decline in panel prices. Ultimately, it may lead to failure to achieve the expected return, low return on investment and difficult financing recovery

the central government has not been the first to stop the overheating of panel investment. It has been advising for many times since 2 or 3 years ago, but the situation of "rampant (out of control)" has not stopped

Wang Weiwei said that the central government now advocates the transformation from the increase of quantity to the improvement of quality. In order to make the materials and equipment needed for panel production in China, China has put forward the strategy of expanding the industrial scope

a Japanese equipment manufacturer said that although the central government wants to promote technology accumulation, "leaders of local governments pursue to see results in micro cracks caused by large stress concentration during their tenure". Therefore, it takes a long time for research and development to be avoided. Due to the large number of customers, the investment in Jinan assaying has not shown signs of cooling down

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