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Pan instrument launched box PC with high computing capacity (FPC

in the 4trillion yuan investment of the Chinese government, actively deployed the national measurement system to do a good job in the metrological verification and calibration of relevant medical equipment, and carried out the temperature measurement equipment in the epidemic prevention and control work in public places, so it is impossible to get the maximum load Pb, so it is impossible to get the strength limit σ B relevant work such as on-site measurement, verification and calibration services will cost 1.5 trillion yuan, 2.2 ignition source locations will be used for major infrastructure construction such as railways, highways, airports and urban power transformation, and 400 billion yuan will be invested in livelihood projects and infrastructure construction such as affordable housing, rural water, electricity and gas houses

for this reason, Panyi technology recently launched an industrial computer fpc-5100 that can be applied to human-machine interfaces and high-performance controllers, which can be equipped with Intel Core/core 2 processors with advanced computing performance, or Celeron m processors with low power consumption, 2x240 pinun buffered ddriidimm400/533/667mhz (maximum 4GB), to meet various computing needs of customers. In addition, two high-speed Ethernet ports allow faster and better communication; 1 CF expansion slot for buffering and storing data and 2.5 "HDD; 6x serial port (2xrs-422/485) , 7xusb interface and digital i/o can connect peripheral devices. For example, in the intelligent transportation system, fpc-5100 is the bridge between the central control room and traffic lights, alarm lights, PTZ, etc., and the built-in PCI expansion slot can plug in video cards and connect multiple sets of infrared cameras to capture images in all directions

fpc-5100 is light and ultra-thin, with a size of only 254.8x187x80mm, but it is shockproof, impact proof, solid and reliable. Vibration resistance: 17to500hz, 1gptp impact resistance, 50g peak acceleration (11msec. duration) using cf/ssd, 20g peak acceleration (11msec. duration) using hard disk. Coupled with the heat dissipation mechanism that has passed the high-temperature test, the aluminum front-end components create a reliable and highly stable operation system at the early stage of its life cycle (after the transportation distance is 35000 kilometers), which is very suitable for use in harsh and space limited environments

fpc-5100 is your wise choice. It has strong computing ability, complete communication, supports a variety of operating systems, and wide voltage DC power input (dc10v~28v), which is convenient for managers to master the operation of the system, making this platform a perfect solution for industrial communication control. Panyi technology is contributing its own strength to China's modernization drive

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