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Panel furniture market shrinks, enterprises fall into "It's hard to turn around.

following the news of salary arrears from a panel furniture factory in Shenzhen, another panel furniture factory in Shenzhen recently had the same problem, causing a commotion in the industry. In recent years, with the popularity of solid wood furniture, the market share of panel furniture has shrunk unprecedentedly, which is also a main reason for the fatigue of the two panel furniture manufacturers.

according to a media report, the two companies are in financial crisis Machine furniture factory used to be the leader of furniture enterprises in Guangdong. When the summer day of 2014 came, it suddenly exposed a capital crisis - a factory in Longgang, Shenzhen, which was exposed to a broken capital chain, applied for bankruptcy protection; Another company was exposed to owe employees more than ten million yuan in wages, which was publicly begged by employees. According to the survey conducted by insiders, the newspaper found that the two brands had enjoyed great success in the Beijing market at that time, but now they have almost disappeared, while the incidents of unqualified products have occurred frequently

in view of the problems of the two enterprises at the same time, some analysts believe that the development mode of Guangdong furniture based on "large-scale production in factories and national sales by dealers" has reached a crossroads and faced unprecedented tests after more than 20 years of development. At the same time, insiders observed that the sales of high-end solid wood brands and shoe cabinets under the two brands are good in China. In this regard, an industry veteran believes that products are the life of factories. "In the final analysis, there are only one point for enterprises to have such problems - products are not marketable, supply and demand are unbalanced, the golden age of panel furniture has passed, there is no unique and characteristic products, and it is very difficult to do well in the national market". This person broke the mystery by saying that what the two enterprises ask is not absolute. In addition to the mode, the most important thing is the sales of the products. The working clock range is iokh211mh2 (typical value is 640kHz); ② The resolution is 8-bit binary code question. Therefore, this newspaper has combed the consumption trend of furniture in recent years, for example. The time can be traced back to three years ago. The two furniture manufacturers have frequently held franchisees and new product launches. One factory will routinely hold a national dealer reception during the furniture exhibition, with thousands of people attending. The prize of the on-site lottery is BMW, which is amazing. In the past three years, the furniture manufacturer has changed its high profile and only held a small-scale press conference, which once left the attention of the media, forming a huge contrast with the previous one

the downturn of panel furniture is inseparable from people's enthusiasm for solid wood furniture. In recent years, furniture manufacturers and media have fully highlighted "green" and "environmental protection" when guiding furniture consumption. All views believe that only solid wood furniture is absolutely safe and reliable. This also provides the most important theoretical basis for the popularity of solid wood furniture. So solid wood furniture gradually gained the upper hand and led the development trend of the industry. For panel furniture manufacturers, it is no less than an unprecedented disaster. Small and medium-sized manufacturers can switch to solid wood, but for some large manufacturers, due to the huge investment and the establishment of sales channels, there will be a dilemma of "it is difficult to turn around"

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