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On November 7, the fifth World Internet Conference opened in Wuzhen. On the same day, Beijing yanxihu International Convention and Exhibition Center and the third BOE global innovation partnership Conference (BOE ipc.2018) kicked off. At the entrance of the exhibition hall of the conference, a large screen 8K TV of BOE broadcast the pictures of Wuzhen Internet Conference in real time with the support of 5g communication technology

according to a commentator from BOE on the scene, this scene is an 8K + 5g live trial show between BOE and six partners. Among them, China Mobile provided 5g technical support, Huawei provided end-to-end communication solutions, witnessed the provision of network decoding and playback technology, Panasonic supported with 8K cameras, ad \ ntech (Advantech) provided 8K coding technology, and socienext (soxi) provided decoding technology

BOE's 55 inch UHD OLED display based on printing technology, AMOLED's Small-size foldable products, as well as various display and sensor products, smart manufacturing and smart life, smart energy, smart finance, smart retail, smart travel, smart health, digital hospital and other application scenarios of BOE's IOT strategic business segments have been collectively unveiled at BOE ipc 2018。

at the conference, BOE founder and Chairman Wang Dongsheng repeatedly stressed the company's industrial aspirations: "we open the application side and technology side, and welcome global partners to work together with us to create a win-win situation. More and more friends are welcome to join the BOE IOT ecosystem."

the IOT Bureau of panel giant BOE has begun

BOE's IOT layout

"IOT has just begun", Wang Dongsheng proposed that the core technology driving force of IOT is artificial intelligence, and the development of IOT echoes the progress of AI. From 2016 to 2030, it is the 1.0 stage of IOT development, which is characterized by one-to-one and one to many smart connections. The corresponding AI technology is ani (artificial narrow Intelligence), which is what we call the weak artificial intelligence stage. We are in this stage now

at the first IPC conference of BOE in November 2016, BOE put forward the IOT development strategy of "opening both ends, core breath hold/device and", that is, through the harmonious combination of chips, display devices, software and content, functional hardware and other elements, a value creation system connecting people, people and things, and things and things is formed. The situation of plastic processing industry and the idea of the 13th five year plan

at last year's IPC conference, BOE successively proposed a new company positioning: it is an IOT company that provides smart port products and professional services for information interaction and human health. On the basis of display and sensing technology, three business sectors have been formed: port devices, smart IOT and smart medical industry

in July this year, BOE further subdivided the above three sectors according to application scenarios and professional fields, forming seven business groups: the port device business sector formed two BGS for display and sensor devices, sensors and solutions, the smart IOT business sector formed three BGS for intelligent manufacturing services, the direction of IOT solutions' tearing and cutting should be different from the rolling direction and digital art, and the smart medical industry business sector formed three BGS for mobile health Health services two BGS

so far, BOE's IOT strategic business map is clearer

at this IPC conference, Wang Dongsheng put forward the view that application scenarios are the starting point of the development of IOT industry - the key of IOT, which also means that BOE will focus on the research of application scenarios

Chen Yanshun, CEO of BOE, said, "we hope that through the in-depth study of application scenarios, we can focus our business capabilities, respond more accurately to customers, have more professional management methods, and concentrate on providing the most competitive products and services for each segmented application field."

50million domestic flexible OLEDs

last month, Huawei released the flagship smart of mate 20 series in London. In addition to the bright spot of Huawei's self-developed chip Kirin 980, the use of BOE AMOLED flexible screen in mate 20 Pro has also caused ripples in the industry for a time. In addition, it is reported that apple is also negotiating OLED supply with BOE, which means that in terms of flexible AMOLED, Domestic enterprises have broken the previous monopoly of Korean manufacturers

"rigid and flexible products go hand in hand and expand segmentation". Chen Yanshun mentioned BOE's next business development direction in port devices, that is, to focus on the development of both rigid and flexible products and expand segmentation market

according to Chen Yanshun, in 2019, BOE will do two things with all its strength: first, accelerate the upgrading of flexible production lines and expand product applications. At present, BOE LCD has achieved a leading global share, and flexible OLED products are the next focus. BOE Chengdu flexible OLED production line has been in operation for one year. Mianyang flexible OLED production line is under construction as planned, and plans to provide more than 50million flexible OLED products for the global medium and high-end market

the second is to promote the 8425 action plan. "8425" means to promote 8K, popularize 4K, replace 2K, and make good use of 5g. The smooth progress of the plan involves content, shooting, encoding and decoding, transmission, display and other links, and the products cover many fields, such as components, complete machines, software, content, communication equipment and operators. According to the white paper on the development of China's ultra high definition video industry released by an authoritative organization, the overall scale of the industry will exceed 4trillion yuan in 2022, accounting for about 5% of China's current GDP, and the industrial pull effect is obvious

sensors and solutions are a newly established business group. Based on sensor technology, they focus on application scenarios such as medical detection, household detection, communication and transportation, and smart home, and provide products and solutions such as X-ray, ultrasonic imaging, gene sequencing chips, molecular antennas, and intelligent security systems

smart IOT, focusing on application scenarios

smart IOT, that is, the business focus of s business sector can be summarized as "segmentation of applications, integration of intelligence and connectivity", that is, focusing on application scenarios and providing system solutions with software and hardware integration

if there is a special structure, the universal experimental machine seems to be able to complete the drop hammer impact! However, the impact testing machine has corresponding special equipment

among them, the intelligent manufacturing service business group provides products and services such as TV, display, communication terminal, electronic label, commercial display and new applications based on display and intelligent manufacturing technology. In 2019, BOE's primary goal is to serve the needs of segmented application scenario solutions and provide 50million ICT terminal products for ecological partners

iot solutions business group takes terminal intelligence, system integration and cloud computing as supporting technologies to provide system solutions in eight sub areas of IOT. In 2019, while comprehensively developing business office, smart education, digital hospital, smart energy, smart transportation and smart home, BOE will go deep into the fields of smart retail and smart finance to provide the world's leading system integration solutions

in the field of intelligent transportation, the on-board display products that BOE has cooperated with byton automobile have integrated the advantageous technologies of many partners, subverting innovation in appearance, specification and function. The 48 Inch super large display perfectly integrates 4K ultra-high definition resolution, up to 1000 nits of adaptive adjustable brightness, screen protection system, gesture, intelligent voice and face recognition system and other human vehicle interaction modes. It not only increases the display area of vehicle and road information, solves the stubborn problem of the separation of instrument panel and central console, improves the space utilization, but also redefines the on-board display

in addition, BOE released smart Retail Management System 2.0 at this IPC conference, which innovatively integrates four modules: shelf management, information release, intelligent price change and intelligent settlement, comprehensively empowering offline stores and making new retail more "smart"

the digital art business group is the first business group of to transform its platform services. Through the integration of information technology and digital art, it provides screen, Sketchpad and ecological chain derivatives to meet the application needs of art appreciation, visual aesthetics appreciation and other scenarios. So far, BOE has launched a variety of screen terminal products, and more than 40 top art institutions, more than 5000 artists, and more than 1 million art works have been on its digital art platform. BOE has established cooperation with more than 300 cultural and commercial institutions around the world, with more than 200000 screen users and more than 2million physical and digital art transactions

use "wisdom" to change medicine

smart medicine, namely h business sector, is the business sector officially laid out by BOE in 2013, which advocates the concept of "people-oriented, digital driven, disease prevention"

among them, the mobile health business group takes biosensor, h-iot and artificial intelligence as the technical support, provides users with portable home detection equipment, and provides health management, AI consultation, intelligent referral and other services for individuals and families through the monitoring and analysis of health big data

BOE released mobile health management platform 3.0 during the conference. Next year, the primary goal of the platform is to launch a variety of mobile health devices, improve platform functions, optimize user experience, and provide personalized, convenient, safe and reliable health management services for millions of members

it is worth mentioning that BOE has independently planned, built and operated the first digital hospital - Hefei BOE digital hospital. In terms of medical resources, BOE has reached strategic cooperation with Harvard Medical School, dignityhealth and other top medical institutions in the world, sharing the most advanced medical concepts and achievements, and widely absorbing top doctors at home and abroad to join the team; In terms of advantageous disciplines, the hospital has set up eight major centers of excellence in oncology, cardiovascular, neurology, orthopaedics, etc., with international first-class standards; In terms of operation and management, the hospital has realized the comprehensive digitalization of medical treatment, diagnosis, management and other links; In terms of medical services, the hospital adheres to the "heart" concept, that is, the service concept of attentive listening, sincere encouragement, precision medicine, and the trust of doctors and patients, so as to create a star level medical environment and provide personalized diagnosis and treatment and privacy protection. The latest news is that Hefei BOE hospital will be put into operation next month

"we hope that through the combination of science and technology and medicine, the healthy life span of the Chinese people will be increased from the current 66 years to more than 80 years in 10-15 years. In order to achieve this goal, when designing the scenario of BOE health IOT, we emphasize three key points: people-centered, life data, and disease prevention." Wang Dongsheng said that Hefei BOE digital hospital is a new hospital adhering to the concept of "people-oriented, digital driven, and disease prevention"

Wang Dongsheng believes that the value of IOT should reflect the need to meet people's yearning for a better life. Therefore, IOT should have at least three characteristics: practical convenience, making composites the main raw materials of the automotive industry, excellent cost performance, and real safety and order. The sum of the three is the value of IOT. The application scenario is the key to realize the three value characteristics of IOT: "convenience, cost performance, safety and order", and is the key to open the door of IOT value creation

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