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Panxiaodong: the strengths and weaknesses of China print 2013 (II)

the shortcomings to be improved are mainly buffer failure

the exhibition has a proud performance color management, but the exhibition still reflects certain deficiencies, which need to be improved. Of course, some problems belong to the exhibition organization, and some problems can not be solved by the exhibition planning unit

the slightly chaotic admission organization is one of the digital printing, which is reflected in the chaos of traffic around the exhibition, so that the vehicles sent by the hotel for the exhibition can only surround the venue to find the entrance for passengers; It is also manifested in the public refusal of regular taxis and the popularity of unlicensed black cars; It is also reflected in the simple and rude security of the exhibition, which makes visitors who come from afar with enthusiasm feel uncomfortable

moreover, the location of the exhibition seems remote. Although there is a subway to all India exhibition, it is not convenient to transfer four times from the Convention Center to Beijing South Railway Station. In addition, there is no resting place outside the exhibition hall, and the eyes are full of visitors sitting on the ground. The ground is full of discarded paper colors. The kind reminder and education of visitors between pickup trucks and SUVs should be followed up at the same time. Somehow, many men's toilets in the exhibition venue had to queue up conveniently. Although they were in good order, they were also a spectacle

as an international printing exhibition, increasing the number of overseas exhibitors is also a work worthy of improvement in the future

nevertheless, flaws do not hide the manuscript. We are looking forward to a more brilliant all print exhibition next year

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