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Pampers' theme flash store parachuted to Shanghai and joined hands with spicy mom Huang Shengyi to start the journey of "cloud softness and skin care"

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on October 25, 2019, Pampers and the new retail head matrix - Alibaba's tmall supermarket, Amoy Xianda and RT Mart jointly launched the "crayon Xiaoxin" theme flash event "super comfortable ass on the ground" for the first time, and "position C" appeared in Shanghai. "Chen Yanwen believes that Zhabei RT Mart. The star spicy mother Huang Shengyi served as the "supermarket star wish officer" of this event and came to the scene to share her childcare experience. Together with the majority of live studio friends and the live audience, she started a fun, interactive and continuous "cloud soft skin" journey

at the event site, Huang Shengyi, the "star wish officer of the supermarket", shared his childcare experience and answered common parent-child questions that parents are concerned about material performance, such as parent-child companionship during busy work and the reconciliation of contradictions between babies at home, based on personal experience. Later, Huang Shengyi also turned the event into a large-scale "unpacking" scene by incarnating the mother and baby "evaluation KOL", personally opening the packaging of various pampers, feeling the texture of diapers, and telling the audience the most authentic feelings

Huang Shengyi repeatedly praised the real and comfortable "cloud touch" of Pampers diapers: "from the beginning, I took my 'picky' eye to every product for my baby. The touch of pampers' products made me feel like sitting on the cloud, soft and breathable, and like the second layer of baby skin, I can take care of the baby's growth with peace of mind."

as a leading diaper brand in the Chinese market, Pampers has achieved the first record of all diapers in the past "double 11" and 618. For the first time, Pampers combined with Alibaba's new retail matrix of tmall supermarket, taoxianda and RT mart to create a personalized brand experience scene in the form of flash stores, empower the brand by "planting grass" by real stars, and enhance the brand influence and build a new marketing scene by using the innovative technology of Alibaba smart stores and the integrated marketing means of online and offline "same frequency resonance", The two-way penetration of the depth and breadth of the precise population of mothers and infants has attracted many consumers to enter the experience. This is a careful interpretation of the new retail and there is still a long way to practice the new idea presentation, adding more pleasant scene experience for consumers' shopping process. It further requires the use of non-magnetic materials to further optimize and integrate pampers' online and offline service channels

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