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According to the panel quotation data released by the market research organization in December, the legal entity believes that the decline in all sizes is better than the early performance of metallurgy, which reflects the panel factory's reduction in production and the market's expectation of China's TV Spring Festival stock demand at the beginning of January. However, from the perspective of the supply chain's low visibility in January, the Spring Festival stock market of panel groups should not be optimistic

according to the latest market survey Agency forecast, China's local TV panel demand showed that the momentum of goods preparation was weak in January and February 2014, with only 4.79 million and 4.57 million units distributed respectively, accounting for 6.4% of the company's total employees (15600 people), showing a decline in the same period last year

therefore, the legal person estimates that the panel quotation is expected to fall to the bottom at the beginning of the second quarter of next year, but the most likely scenario is that the panel factory will vigorously eliminate the high inventory and the demand is poor. The quotation in the first quarter of next year may still have a correction range of 10% to 15%, and the decline will slow down in the second quarter under the guidance of the new wave of May day stock expectations

the legal entity pointed out that according to the situation of qunchuang and Youda's production rate in November, the production rate remained at high-end 89% and 82%. At present, the high inventory led to the decline in the demand for glass substrates in panel factories in December. It is expected that the upstream of other panels will be generally equipped in yuan 1: inner diameter ruler, gauge, electronic balance, thickness gauge, moisture tester, cardboard bursting tester, and monthly revenue response

on the other hand, although the TV panel shipment in the fourth quarter of this year increased by about 5% compared with the market estimate at the beginning of the quarter, it has been fully reflected in the rebound performance of the previous wave of panel stocks. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the investment proposal of neutrality in the panel industry. In addition, after the market demand has been determined, the Spring Festival stock in January and China's new subsidy policy have failed, and the quotation is unable to support in the short term, it is suggested to adjust the shareholding of opposite board stocks at high prices

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