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With the continuous progress of computer technology, major countries in the world are aware of the supporting position of CNC machine tools for the whole industry. In particular, in response to the international financial crisis, they have adjusted their CNC machine tool industrial policies and competed to develop high-end CNC machine tools to promote the development of industry and national economy

while the international competition intensifies, the demand for CNC machine tools in China has always maintained a vigorous state. Since 2000, driven by the huge market demand, domestic CNC machine tools have grown at an average annual rate of 30%. Since 2003, China has become the world's largest machine tool consumer for seven consecutive years, and is currently the world's largest CNC machine tool importer. Luobaihui, a specially invited industry researcher of China International Economic Development Research Center, said that at present, China is in the peak period of equipment upgrading and the critical period of industrial upgrading. The demand for CNC machine tools, especially high-end CNC machine tools, will still maintain a high growth level of more than 30%. It is estimated that this growth rate will continue for 35 years

Luo Baihui believes that the development of the machine tool industry can be divided into two steps: by 2015, the production of medium and high-end CNC machine tools in China will basically meet domestic needs, and the product performance will basically reach the international advanced level; By 2020, a complete CNC machine tool industry chain will be formed, and domestic CNC systems, functional components and other supporting parts will basically meet the needs of domestic mainframe. Domestic medium and high-grade CNC machine tools occupy a leading position in the domestic market, and have several machine tool enterprises (groups) that master core intellectual property rights and have international competitiveness and influence, realizing the transformation from a large machine tool production country to a powerful machine tool production country

it should be noted that the world famous machine tool enterprises have distributors and production bases in China (using SKD to run enterprises to avoid tax). For example, HARTING company of the United States, which specializes in the production of small CNC lathes and machining centers, has rapidly expanded its production capacity in China in recent years, plans to increase its monthly production from 100 to 300 sets, and has set up more than 10 sales service stores with the nature of 4S stores throughout the country. If the design department still takes composite materials as the fire protection design, it will assume all legal responsibilities. Beijing FANUC joint venture has a maximum annual output of 52000 sets of various CNC systems, servo and spindle systems in China in recent years. Now it is ready to carry out a new phase I project to achieve a monthly output of 20000 sets, subdivide the market, carry out secondary development, and increase the corresponding sales and service personnel

although China's large machine tool manufacturers rank high among international machine tool enterprises, for example, Shenyang machine tool group ranks first and Dalian machine tool group ranks fourth. From the perspective of face engineering, China's machine tool industry has leapt to the first place in the world, but insiders and users have a steelyard in their hearts. For example, the top ten German DMG company in the world is composed of three machine tool plants. Each plant has formulated several policies to promote the utilization of new material industry. Only 200 or more people. In total, the space technology mission command (STMD) of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States has shown great interest in nanotechnology. Thousands of employees, together with Shenyang Machine Tool Group Dalian Machine Tool Group has tens of thousands of employees. Are you happy or worried

at present, most enterprises in the machine tool industry rely on reducing the product price to obtain the market, resulting in low product price, low added value and low profit. Enterprises do not have enough funds for sustainable development. Luobaihui pointed out that with the development of the industry and the upgrading of competition, the best choice for the long-term development of enterprises is to improve the technical content of products, have independent patents and designs, and pay attention to brand building and marketing. The development of China's machine tool industry needs to be guided by market demand, led by the development of CNC machine tools, led by the host machine and based on the improvement of supporting facilities, and strive to realize the transformation of CNC machine tool products with extruded sealing plates and advanced paint baking treatment from low-end to high-end, and from primary product processing to high-end and sophisticated product manufacturing as soon as possible

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