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Five major projects promote the high-quality development of bearing industry

recently, Linxi County successfully developed P2 grade lead screw bearings, with a precision four times that of similar products in Japan and Germany; The high load capacity angular contact ball bearings produced by Linxi County have reached grade P5 in product accuracy and twice the speed of domestic similar products... Many products have been developed. Not only 3. Whether the sample clamping has correctly filled the blank of Linxi County's bearing industry, but also injected new vitality into the high-quality development of Linxi bearing industry

in recent years, based on the traditional characteristics of bearings, users of Linxi County can re install the windows system industry once by themselves or ask computer software personnel to help. Centering on the strategy of "made in China 2025", aiming at the international high-end, creating a domestic first-class, and building "an important medium and high-end bearing production base in China", Linxi County has carried out "innovation, entrepreneurship and service" activities to build the traditional industry into a high-quality industry with slowly increasing pressure, Promote the bearing industry to move towards high-end bearing industry

in order to realize this industrial positioning, the county has implemented "five major projects" for high-quality development of bearings. Realize the "integration of industrialization and industrialization" manufacturing project, and speed up the transfer of industrial development momentum after the completion of this transaction. By 2020, the application rate of intelligent production equipment in Enterprises above designated size should reach more than 50%, and enterprises above designated size should complete two rounds of automatic production process transformation; With the "axis finding" e-commerce platform as the core, build an intelligent supply chain system for the bearing industry, and promote the integrated development of Internet technology in all links

implement the backbone enterprise cultivation project to create a new engine for industrial development. Scientifically plan and establish a specialized base for market segmentation, focus on supporting Xintai to improve the quality of bearing forgings and build a high-quality bearing forging production base; Support the research and development of Sanqiao and delidaga automobile bearings, and build a production base of tapered roller bearings for automobiles; Support Baoxin and Yuliang to improve the quality of bearing rolling elements, build a high-precision bearing rolling element production base and provide customized services

implement new product development projects and strengthen the innovation ability of enterprises. Give full play to the role of Hebei bearing industry technology research institute and Hebei rolling bearing product quality supervision and inspection center, deepen the cooperation between bearing enterprises and Henan University of science and technology, Hebei University of technology, Yanshan University, Luoyang axle Research Institute and other scientific research institutes, constantly develop new products, and strive to realize intelligent product development. Linxi County Industrial Design Innovation Center was established to continuously improve the design level of bearing products, increase the added value of products, and promote the upgrading of enterprise innovation capability

implement the branding project to enhance the popularity of the enterprise. Taking the opportunity of building a regional brand pilot county of the national bearing industry cluster, give play to the main role of the bearing industry association, and register the collective trademark of "Linxi bearing"; Organize enterprises to apply for Hebei provincial technological innovation demonstration enterprise, Hebei Provincial Quality benchmark enterprise, national brand cultivation pilot enterprise and other awards, and further improve the popularity and reputation of Linxi bearing enterprises

implement the green park project to create a high-quality development platform. Improve the functions of the two existing parks, change the modes of sales, procurement, warehousing, logistics and financing of the bearing industry, and promote the integration of interconnection, big data and the real economy of bearings; Relying on Hebei bearing quality testing center, the center will be built into the most authoritative bearing product testing organization in North China by purchasing advanced bearing testing equipment that meets the local bearing product testing needs; Improve the "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" platform function of the park, and build North China bearing entrepreneurship and innovation base with high standards

in addition, Linxi also pays close attention to the localization development strategy of foreign excellent bearing enterprises in China, focuses on the opportunities for domestic excellent bearing enterprises to set up factories in other places or merge and develop abroad, and focuses on introducing a number of high-end bearing production enterprises to settle in Linxi, so as to promote the upgrading of bearing entrepreneurship

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