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China is a large country of beer production and consumption, with an annual output of 21million tons, ranking first in the world. Beer is a liquid beverage with pressure, which is mainly bottled in glass. The outer packaging of bottled beer must have the product packaging gold coating free material almost covering. According to the previous group of network data: the average daily use times of each shared bicycle is about 7~10 times. The three basic functions of all household appliances are protection, convenience and beautification. At present, the carton packaging, beer basket and beer bundling of the popular bottled beer do not have the three basic functions of product packaging, and bottled beer explosion accidents often occur, which is a social hazard that has plagued people for a long time. The state attaches great importance to and cares for this, and television stations often report such news

in view of the defects in the outer packaging of bottled beer, wanglihong, a senior engineer of Huainan Hongda Institute of technology innovation, after investigation and analysis, carefully designed a variety of schemes, and finally developed a new type of outer packaging of bottled beer - "portable bottle new experimental proof beer explosion-proof turnover box". It fully conforms to the three basic functions of the product (bottled beer) outer packaging, and can basically avoid the occurrence of beer explosion injury accidents. Its design is ingenious, small and exquisite, easy to use, safe and reliable, and durable. It can reduce costs, save a lot of money, improve efficiency and reduce labor intensity for beer manufacturers. Around it, the beer manufacturers can print color advertisements, signs and other related contents, which are the long-term mobile advertisements of the manufacturers in the market

wanglihong has developed two series of turnover boxes, one is the closed type with flap, the other is the open type without flap. There are 6 bottle boxes, 10 bottle boxes, 12 bottle boxes, and new types with bottle capacities of 640 ml, 500 ml, 450 ml and 330 ml. The box is made of high-strength plastic by injection molding. It has high strength and toughness and can be used for up to ten years

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