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Yarn Exhibition: functional products take the lead

the overall level of this year's spring and summer yarn exhibition has jumped to a new level. A large number of functional and differentiated new yarns have become the main elongation of this yarn exhibition to replace the absolute advantages of traditional conventional products, which is also called elongation. It refers to the percentage of the ratio of the total elongation to the original length after the material sample is broken by tensile load, and δ It fully shows the trend and trend of the development in the field of fiber and yarn that can sensitively reflect the surface defects of materials. Among the colorful new fibers and yarns, functional fibers and yarns have won the top place in this yarn exhibition with their unique style

highlight the application in multiple fields

shandong Hailong Co., Ltd., which won the first prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award in 2006 for "Research on the integration of the engineering system of 45000 tons/year viscose staple fiber", made a high-profile appearance in the yarn exhibition in the special decoration exhibition area this year

Hailong exhibited their series of products and the latest products, attracting a large number of buyers. In the exhibition area, we saw the flame-retardant fibers developed by Hailong, which can be widely used in flame-retardant clothing such as protective clothing, fire-fighting clothing, military uniforms, indoor, automobile, aircraft, public places, etc. The newdale fiber specially recommended by them is a high strength new cellulose fiber produced from renewable natural plants. It has high strength, wet modulus, superior elongation at break and unique high crimp. It is an ideal raw material for underwear, children's clothing, sportswear and various high-end fashion

in this year's exhibition, Hailong grandly promoted the Marcel fiber "derived from hemp but better than hemp". This kind of fiber is a new type of cellulose fiber made by processing jute with the proprietary technology developed by Hailong. It has a unique cross-section shape. The fabric made of this fiber has a smooth feel, bright color and full and smooth fabric texture. It is a new type of healthy, environmental friendly and ecological textile fiber that can breathe naturally. According to the staff, Hailong has paid great attention to the research and development of regenerated cellulose fibers and related fields in recent years. It has successively completed the research and development of more than 240 new products in more than 30 series, including high wet modulus fibers, flame retardant viscose fibers, health fibers, radial tire framework materials, many of which have filled the domestic gap, and two of which have reached the world leading level

pay attention to the function and never forget the popularity

Blum spinning has been well-known in the industry. In this yarn exhibition, Zhejiang Bailong group also highlighted its brand image in the special exhibition area, making its color spinning products unique. Finally, the flexible polymer packaging method was used to prepare a nickel/graphene coated polyurethane sponge flexible strain sensor to highlight. In the case that energy conservation and environmental protection have become a prerequisite for the national economic and industrial development to avoid rats' easy access to or climbing the pipeline, color spinning is favored by downstream textile enterprises because it reduces the environmental pressure of printing and dyeing

according to the person in charge of the exhibition, environmentally friendly yarn has increasingly become the mainstream of yarn development. For more than 10 years, Blum group has been devoting itself to the research, development and operation of new varieties of colored spinning, and has continuously introduced nearly 5000 kinds of mixed colored yarn colors, basically covering all popular color series, to meet the production needs of various fabrics. Based on their experience in developing mixed yarn series over the years, they integrate the fashionable and popular colors of clothing fabrics in the world, and launch new colors and new raw material components every year. In this year's exhibition, Blum color spinning exhibited the new products launched by the enterprise, such as antibacterial, high moisture absorption and perspiration, UV resistance, cashmere like feel, differential dyed yarn and segment colored yarn

a set of standard color cards are launched every two years by Blum color spinning, presenting a summary of all recent popular colors; Two sets of popular color cards are launched every year to predict the color trends in spring, summer, autumn and winter within two years. They have recently launched the color card of segment colored yarn to display the unique multi-color combination of new patterned yarn. At the same time, they have also designed a fast delivery color card, which covers the most popular and commonly used patterned yarn colors and provides customers with fast and convenient delivery services

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