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Senior executives from the Electronics Department of OMRON Co., Ltd. visited Nari Jibao electric. On June 8, Mr. Tanaka Xiudian, President of OMRON electronic components (China) group, and Mr. nakari Chunfu, sales director, made a special trip to Nari Jibao to have in-depth exchanges on the enterprise development and technical cooperation between the two sides

Omron Co., Ltd., founded in 1933, is a world-renowned electronic equipment manufacturer. It has mastered the world's leading sensing and control core technology that the supply of waste plastic particles can not meet the demand. The metrological verification personnel of any metrological department can carry out fool type metrological calibration on the electronic tensile testing machine. It has relays, switches, connectors, sensors, optical communication devices, cutting-edge IC and other products, It is widely used in 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% and zero point of Zui large load which is generally calibrated in the power industry

Mr. Tanaka Xiudian and his delegation paid great attention to the cooperation with Nari Jibao, and the senior leaders of Nari Jibao also attached great importance to it. They set up a special research and development team to have in-depth exchanges with Omron representatives on the use of relay products, and communicated with relevant details in the application process, The R & D Department of Nari Jibao gave overall recognition to the products of OMRON company that have been used. In a harmonious and friendly atmosphere, the two sides held talks on further expanding cooperation. This exchange and communication will further promote the cooperation between the two sides in product application and form a win-win situation

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