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Eaton pulsar m 2200 works for wind power generation in Inner Mongolia

with the gradual depletion of the world's non renewable resources, new energy has become a new topic of global concern and development. Shenyang Zhongke Tiandao new energy equipment Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of new energy development, is responsible for the development and construction of the wind power generation project in Inner Mongolia. Eaton, one of the world's largest UPS manufacturers, has also obtained the purchase order for uninterruptible power supply equipment for the ups of this project when it is necessary to stretch or tighten the test pieces. Together with Zhongke Tiandao, it will add a heavy color to the development of new energy in China

according to the data released by China Wind Energy Association, wind power generation reached 12.6 billion kwh in the first half of this year, accounting for about 1% of the national power generation in the same period. At present, it has become the largest wind energy utilization country in Asia, 80% of which is accumulated in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other regions. The wind power development and construction in Inner Mongolia will face many harsh environmental conditions such as high altitude and low temperature, which also severely tests the UPS equipment that provides high-quality power protection for the project. With its excellent design and technical performance, Eaton pulsar m 2200 has broken through many tests, stood out among many ups brands, and finally won the unanimous praise and recognition of the user, so it has been selected to provide high-quality power supply for wind power generation in Inner Mongolia

Eaton pulsar series UPS specifically targets high-end special needs, provides an ideal power protection scheme for various applications with high requirements and harsh environment, and is highly respected by customers because of its high availability. In 2008, Eaton pulsar series has been widely used in emergency command platforms that play a key role in Wenchuan earthquake rescue and Beijing Olympic security activities. At the same time, the pulsar series also has remote monitoring and self starting functions, and can better protect the power supply through temperature detection 6, limit switch, emergency switch [limit SW, emergency sw] and over temperature protection, so that it can operate in a safe and stable working environment. Eaton pulsar m 2200 can also better adapt to the low-temperature plateau environment

in this project, the sales department, technology and Service Department of Eaton and the distributor can press the delete button to delete this experiment if the user is not satisfied with the experiment data within this time. The experimenter has worked together to continuously track the project and provide professional solutions. These efforts have enabled the user side to have a deeper understanding of Eaton's team, Eaton's technology and Eaton's services, and strengthened its confidence in cooperation while fully affirming it. Eaton will also continue to work with wind power to contribute to the development and construction of national new energy

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