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MCU! MCU! 2013: fully share new technologies of smart home, smart measurement and motor control

on August 1, 2013, the 5th MCU technology innovation and Embedded Application Conference (MCU! MCU! 2013), hosted by the creative era, was grandly held in hall 2 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, from Freescale, microchip, St, arm, Fujitsu, Texas Instruments Xilinx and many other well-known manufacturers in the industry have brought MCU innovative technologies and application solutions such as intelligent measurement, motor control and smart home to share with many professional listeners. In addition, many experts from embedded system branch of China Software Industry Association, IHS iSuppli, IHS - IMS research, Qianjia, Ferris and other experts have prospected and analyzed the current popular application market, with higher security

wireless interconnection: the hotspot of embedded applications

the field of Embedded Applications covers a wide range. The intelligent devices represented by the concept of IOT are changing or even subverting many traditional industries, and at the same time, new market opportunities are constantly derived. In MCU! MCU! In 2013, he Xiaoqing, Deputy Secretary General of embedded system branch of China Software Industry Association, elaborated on wireless communication protocol technology, product selection and design methods, and discussed the construction of embedded wireless interconnection solutions and innovative applications for the cloud. He pointed out that embedded technology will lead product innovation, and the future development trend of electronic industry can be summarized in three keywords: green, health and intelligence. Xiong Honghui, senior marketing engineer of Italian French semiconductor microcontroller division, introduced in detail the development trend, application occasions and market advantages of St MCU, so that different customers can be familiar with ST microprocessor products in a short time, carry out product development quickly and shorten product development time. Subsequently, Wang Zilin, a senior application engineer of American microchip technology company, introduced microchip's mtouch touch sensing solution. It is reported that this is a complete man-machine interface (HMI) solution launched by microchip to meet the design needs of fashion products for various applications in contemporary industries. Zhang pengrui, chief engineer from Shenzhen Ferris Technology Co., Ltd., mainly introduced the application cases of image analysis in various fields, the technical analysis and development trend of image processing on chip

smart metering: small electricity meters leverage the big market

smart energy, as a typical application of the IOT concept, is affecting and promoting the huge industrial chain including smart electricity meters, renewable energy and new energy vehicles, and also brings huge market opportunities to MCU chips. According to IHS analysis, the export market is becoming a key factor in promoting the growth of China's electricity meter industry. This year, overseas shipments are expected to reach 30.8 million. At the sub forum of intelligent measurement of this MCU conference, Zhu Hui, an industry analyst of IHS iSuppli, made an in-depth and detailed analysis on the current demand and Prospect of China's smart meter market, the performance of China's smart meters in overseas markets, the competitive pattern and bidding situation of major meter manufacturers, the changing trend of smart meter chip market and the competitiveness of manufacturers

our solutions address the challenges of efficient energy management and distribution. We use our products and tools to build interconnected and safe smart electricity, and help customers speed up the listing of products in core areas, including smart metering associated with electricity, home energy customs, network smart energy customs, centralized management of metering data, energy-saving motor control, smart devices and wireless solutions. Sun Dong, regional market and business development manager of Freescale Semiconductor in Asia Pacific, brought Freescale in smart energy Safer and more environmentally friendly solutions in intelligent measurement and other fields. Zhao Hui, deputy manager of marketing department of Fujitsu semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., introduced Fujitsu FM series 32-bit arm cortex MCU products and their application in the meter Market in detail. According to Geng Lifeng, China embedded application market manager of arm, arm is actively cooperating with many partners and is committed to providing rich solutions to meet the application needs of the market for intelligent devices

motor control: new technology competition among industry giants

with the continuous growth of factory automation demand and the increasing maturity of control technology, the performance of driver and servo motor needs to be greatly improved. Successful automation industry depends on several key elements, one of which is servo and motion control system. The latest high-tech gthd drive product family reflects the innovation and technology required for successful industrialization. Eyal Zilker, general manager of servotronix motion control in Israel, chairman of Gaochuang transmission and director of Gugao baichuang, showed the audience the centralized features and technology of gthd, which can help equipment manufacturers solve automation challenges and provide competitive solutions for manufacturers

Lin Yifang, industrial marketing manager of Xilinx, brought a speech with the theme of improving the performance of motor control driver with Xilinx all programmable technology. Through this speech, electronic engineers can intuitively understand how all programmable technology can help the control field achieve the best driving results and how to provide the ultimate design flexibility for power electronics designers. Freescale Semiconductor Field Application Engineer Wang Yi also brings free and easy-to-use development tools and typical reference design schemes for motor control developers, which can help users develop the most competitive products in the shortest time. Zhou WanMu, senior analyst of IMS research, deeply analyzed the impact of the economic situation in 2013 on China's motor and motor control industry, interpreted the role of industrial policies on the market, and made an in-depth and thorough analysis of servo drive, servo motor, low-voltage frequency converter, high-voltage frequency converter, low-voltage induction motor, high-voltage motor, motion controller, CNC and other markets one by one

smart home: the scale of the industry has exceeded 100 million, including 800 million domestic invention patents

the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the support of the government and public utilities have made the development momentum of the smart home market increasingly popular. At the sub forum of smart home of this MCU conference, Wang Jingting, an application engineer of American microchip technology company, and field engineers discussed the challenges and key problems faced in the development of smart home products, as well as the solutions to these problems. Cai Zhen, senior market development manager of Freescale Semiconductor, introduced Freescale's solutions in smart home related technology in detail. Texas Instruments FAE he Longbin pointed out that NFC technology is changing our lives. Through it, we can carry out transactions with one button, exchange digital content and connect electronic devices, making the lives of consumers around the world easier and more convenient. Xiang Zhonghong, CEO of thousands and Secretary General of the Intelligent Committee of China Interior Decoration Association, made a detailed analysis of the opportunities and challenges faced by smart home developers in combination with the cases of smart home innovative enterprises and innovative products. He pointed out that the smart home industry has been developing in China for 13 years. At present, the scale has exceeded 10 billion. Driven by the dual engines of smart city and IOT, it will grow into a market of hundreds of billions in the next decade

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