Opportunities of inkjet printing in packaging prin

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Opportunities of inkjet printing in the packaging and printing market

the packaging industry is a consumer LED industry, with an average annual growth rate of 3%, and the total output value of the global packaging industry has reached US $290 billion. The packaging industry is a stable and promising industry. As the packaging industry is always affected by the purchasing power of consumers, the packaging industry is closely related to the overall economic situation

in the past five years, the demand for fewer orders, faster turnover, more language versions and more complex variable information in the packaging market has been rising steadily. In addition, consumers do not want companies to raise product prices because of increased packaging features. Market development managers have always regarded packaging as an integral part of products, and are constantly trying to increase the personalized characteristics of packaging and maximize the display and publicity of their products. Printers, processors and traders involved in the packaging industry are facing a period of rapid change. Innovative packaging forms are constantly introduced, and the packaging decoration is becoming more and more complex. Customers expect to ensure the accuracy and consistency of brand color no matter what kind of printing material, printing process or processing location. Traders and processors need to simplify and improve their production efficiency to adapt to the flexibility of short version live, faster launch to the market and price competitive packaging. From a global perspective, packaging printers of all sizes are turning to the solution of inkjet printing, which effectively promotes the healthy development of all biomedical material industries, in order to process packaging products with the best shelf display effect. The main market driving force reflects the market demand is to improve the relatively loose internal structure, publicity activities (such as localization or targeting), shorter orders, reduce or even eliminate inventory, and ensure faster turnaround time

in a recent market survey conducted by info trends, nearly 30% of respondents believed that better printing quality was the main reason for purchasing the currently used spray printing system. There is no doubt that these respondents must be able to process products that meet customer requirements, and printing quality is an important factor in choosing inkjet printers

finally, when asked what factors would prompt them to consider buying inkjet systems, most respondents believe that when customers have a demand for specific digital printing, they will consider investing in new technologies, so that they can provide satisfactory services to customers and maintain long-term cooperative relations with customers

whether inkjet printing can become the mainstream technology in the packaging industry is not the most important. Solution providers should strive to provide training to the entire market (service providers and consumers), mainly on the advantages of digital technology and the recent progress of printing systems and inks. In addition, only continuous efforts to develop faster, more efficient and lower price devices can attract service providers who have not yet chosen inkjet technology. The more effective the combination of education and training marketing and the improvement of product performance will directly promote the application of inkjet technology in the packaging and printing market


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