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Weighing instruments are widely used in industry, agriculture, commerce, scientific research, medical and health departments. The weighing instrument measures the mass of an object by using Hooke's law or the lever balance principle of force. The weighing instrument is mainly composed of load-bearing system (such as scale), force transfer system (such as lever force transfer system) and indication system (such as dial). According to the structural principle, weighing instruments can be divided into three categories: mechanical scale, electronic scale and electromechanical combined scale. Mechanical scale is divided into bar scale and spring scale. According to the measurement method, it is divided into non automatic scale and automatic scale. Its main varieties include balance, pole scale, desk scale, platform scale, ground scale, ground scale, track scale, belt scale, postal scale, hanging scale, batching scale and bag scale that actively meet the needs of high-end market. The focus of weighing instrument development is electronic weighing instrument. China's weighing instrument industry is a traditional industry with a long history of development and an important basic industry. After the reform and opening up, China's weighing instrument industry has developed rapidly, and the management system, industry structure, product structure, technical level and position in the national economy of the weighing instrument industry have changed greatly. Over the years, China has mainly focused on mechanical weighing instruments. In the 1980s, China began to expand the use of electronic weighing instruments. 18. Test bench lifting device: the use of fast/slow speed controllers and the development of large-scale automatic weighing instruments. China has been able to independently design and manufacture various electronic weighing instruments with high precision, fast operation and accurate measurement. Due to the rapid development of science and technology and the improvement of application level, weighing instrument products are digitized, "said aukje Doornbos, President of DSM functional materials division, "Our Taiwan team has rich experience in the production of UV curing materials. Integration, networking and intelligence will become the development direction and focus of the world weighing instrument industry. China's application of advanced weighing instruments with high-tech content is still in the stage of relying on imports to solve the supply. Therefore, in the field of weighing instrument products with high technological content, China's weighing instrument manufacturing enterprises have huge development space. In addition, with the development of domestic consumption level and industrial economy With the continuous growth, the domestic demand for weighing instrument products will further increase

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