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Expert analysis: the market share of 2008 brand paint will expand

expert analysis: the market share of 2008 brand paint will expand

February 25, 2008

the company built a 30000 square foot warehouse in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA last month [China paint information] paint and paint are the building materials that must be selected for home decoration. In the whole home decoration budget, the consumption of paint and paint accounts for only 5%, but the coverage area reaches 80%, The influence is 100%. These data represent the importance of the paint and coating industry to consumers. Industry experts predict that in 2008, the market share of brand coatings will further expand, among which the European standard water-based paint will become popular and set off a climax of sales

when purchasing coatings, consumers pay more attention to environmental protection and practicality, and whether such products have reliable after-sales service. These factors together are the brand of the product, and they hope to contain gold. At present, the paint brands on the market are very scattered. According to statistics, there are more than 8000 paint production enterprises and tens of thousands of brands in the country. Industry experts said that the future development trend of China's decorative coating market cannot maintain a fragmented situation for a long time, and brand competition is the inevitable direction

''big fish eat small fish '' is the inevitable law of competition in all industries, and brand, scale and innovative technology are the competitive edge of enterprises. Compared with foreign brands, domestic brands have a low market share and uneven quality, and there is an obvious gap. According to incomplete statistics, in the building materials and coatings market, foreign brand coatings account for more than 80% of the retail market, and local brands only occupy a small part of the middle and low-end market

according to professionals, there are many paint brands in China's building materials and coatings market, but the most favored brands by consumers are still nippon, Dulux, China Resources, garberry and other brands. This phenomenon shows that consumer behavior is mostly associated with brand awareness. At the same time, due to the increasing voice of consumers for environmental protection requirements, some coating products that cannot meet the national formaldehyde emission standards are gradually eliminated by the market, especially in the field of furniture paint, it is difficult for small enterprises in the leading screw to meet the requirements of environmental protection due to technology, cost control and other reasons

with the continuous standardization of the market, with the entry of Nippon and other foreign brands into the market, the coating price is no longer the main factor determining consumers' purchase of products. When people buy products, the taxi adopts the "ultra-fine drainage hull situation (udh)" and also considers many factors such as environmental protection and service. The brand has begun to become the main factor leading consumers. Owners' requirements for environmental protection have risen to higher standards of water-based coatings, including wood paint and wall paint. Some high-end decoration companies and furniture manufacturers will take water-based paint as the mainstream coating

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