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Three fires are needed to speed up the methanol vehicle pilot project

in the past three years, the methanol vehicle pilot project in China has operated smoothly and normally, and the economy, environmental protection, safety, reliability, etc. meet the requirements, but the deficiencies and deficiencies in technology research and development, policy support, standards and specifications have become obstacles to the speed-up and expansion of the pilot project. This is what China Chemical News learned from the national methanol vehicle pilot work symposium held in Baoji, Shaanxi Province on October 9

Li Li, an inspector of the Department of energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of the Ministry of industry and information technology, introduced that since the pilot of methanol vehicles in 10 cities in Shanxi, Shanghai, Shaanxi and Guizhou, which mainly analyze mechanical materials, 628 methanol vehicles have been invested in the pilot since the pilot of methanol vehicles in 5 provinces and cities, including Guangzhou and Gansu. Methanol vehicle production enterprises and methanol vehicle products have continued to increase, and no analysis and testing have been carried out. Up to now, the Ministry of industry and information technology has issued 11 batches of 20 methanol vehicle product announcements, including methanol cars, methanol passenger cars, methanol multipurpose passenger vehicles, etc., of which 6 methanol vehicles have been put into operation during the pilot period; The methanol vehicle pilot data collection and related testing were carried out in an orderly manner, and a total of 9189 pilot technical data were received; The preparation of relevant specifications and standards for vehicle methanol fuel and filling stations was accelerated

Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province is the pilot city with the earliest start of methanol vehicle pilot and the most data collection. Zhang Zhanxiang, director of the Energy Conservation Department of Shanxi Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, said that during the pilot period, from the overall situation of vehicle inspection reports, data collection and operation, the economy, environmental protection, safety and reliability of methanol vehicles meet the requirements, and the overall operation is stable and normal

at present, four cities in Shaanxi, Baoji, Xi'an, Yulin and Hanzhong, have been included in the methanol vehicle pilot, making Shaanxi the province with the largest number of pilot cities in China. LAN Jianwen, chief engineer of Shaanxi Provincial Department of industry and information technology, said that through the test of the performance and emission status of the running methanol vehicle and engine, the results were good. In terms of economy, methanol mini car saves about 15 yuan per hundred kilometers compared with gasoline, methanol and diesel dual fuel truck saves about 24 yuan per hundred kilometers compared with diesel, and methanol taxi saves about 14 yuan per hundred kilometers compared with gasoline, which is basically the same as natural gas taxi; In terms of environmental protection, methanol automobile hydrocarbons and monooxygenates have taken the standard as an important means to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and standardize industrial order, and the emissions of carbon and nitrogen oxides have reached an ultra-low level. At idle speed, formaldehyde emissions are only about 0.25 mg/m3, and PM2.5 has also decreased significantly; In terms of safety, the physical examination found no impact on alcohol related personnel

although the methanol vehicle pilot has achieved remarkable results and has a good development momentum, there are still some problems to be solved. For example, there are many technical faults of methanol vehicles, lagging data collection and detection, fuzzy positioning of methanol fuel, insufficient policy support, a small number of filling stations, lack of relevant standards, and so on

"methanol vehicle pilot project is a systematic project, which requires top-level design. Comprehensive supporting measures should be taken to solve the problems existing in technology, policies, standards and other aspects." When talking about the next step of the pilot work, Li Li said that it is necessary to carry out research on relevant topics around the problems, and strengthen the research and development of methanol vehicle technology and product announcements; Do a good job in data collection, detection and transmission, and use comprehensive, real and objective data as the basis for the pilot

expert opinion

promotion needs internal and external forces

He Guangyuan, head of the methanol vehicle pilot expert group and former Minister of the Ministry of machinery industry: in November 2014, Shanxi Province included methanol vehicles and gas vehicles into the scope of new energy vehicles for the first time, and issued preferential policies. For example, subsidies for methanol vehicles; From January 1st, 2015 to the end of 2017, the tolls for gas heavy trucks and methanol heavy trucks marked will be halved in Shanxi Province; Layout and build methanol filling stations and gas filling stations, and give priority to the layout of methanol filling facilities in existing gas stations. It is suggested that the practice and experience of Shanxi should be popularized and copied throughout the country to speed up the promotion of methanol vehicles

Ma Liang, Secretary General of the alcohol ether fuel and alcohol ether clean vehicle special committee of the China Petrochemical Federation: among methanol alternative fuels, a high proportion of methanol gasoline and pure methanol fuel can also be equipped with ordinary computer materials, which are more economical and adaptable. In the long run, methanol automobile is the development direction. The speed of development mainly depends on the national industrial policy and whether it can be commercialized as soon as possible. In addition, there is no methanol vehicle standard at present, and the number of users and applications is limited

LAN Jianwen, chief engineer of Shaanxi Provincial Department of industry and information technology: data collection and detection are the key to the success of methanol vehicle pilot. Although the economy and environmental protection of methanol fuel are better than gasoline, the cost should be fixed on natural gas to improve competitiveness. The filling station construction standard is missing, and the top-level design needs to be done well. The pilot of methanol vehicles requires a large investment. It is suggested that the Ministry of industry and information technology should refer to the subsidy measures for natural gas taxis to provide fuel subsidies for methanol taxis during the pilot period, so as to reduce operating costs and promote the smooth implementation of the pilot

Zhang Zhanxiang, director of the Energy Conservation Department of Shanxi Provincial Commission of economy and information technology: it is hoped that the Ministry of industry and information technology will coordinate relevant ministries and commissions to create good conditions for the industrialization and promotion of methanol vehicles in terms of financial subsidies, tax policies, traffic management, fuel standards, filling station construction, etc; The industry and information technology department brings the methanol filling station into the management function and plans as a whole; Methanol gasoline is exempted from consumption tax

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