In five years, the machine will replace more than

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Five years later, machines will replace more than 85 million jobs.

Bayesian killing. If drilling for fire has opened a new page for human civilization, then the emergence of robots has changed the pattern of human control tools. Science and technology are approaching the limits of nature step by step, including ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, ultra vacuum, superconductivity, super magnetic field, etc Since alpha dogs defeated humans, the discussion of artificial intelligence has become more and more heated. On October 20, the report of the world economic forum showed that by 2025, more than 85million manual jobs will be replaced by machines, but at the same time, the development of automation may also create more new jobs


the inevitability of human progress

the report said that the first is some routine work and physical work in the field of management and data processing, but there will be more job opportunities in the fields of nursing, big data and green economy

the world economic forum survey covered 300 of the world's largest companies, which have nearly 8million employees worldwide

more than 50% of the employers surveyed expressed their desire to speed up the automation process of some positions in the company. 43% of employers said they might cut jobs for technical reasons

at present, the technology of artificial intelligence based on data can help us replace people's various production activities with various automatic devices, so as to improve the overall development efficiency of society

Foxconn, one of the world's largest electronic OEM manufacturers, announced that it had introduced 1million robots to replace manual labor, and more than 40000 robots had been deployed in various production bases in the mainland. For a time, Foxconn suspended recruitment, triggered a wave of unemployment and other panic reports frequently appeared in the newspapers. Before the war between man and machine began, the war of words had already begun one after another

Sophia, the world's first robot citizen, became a female robot with Saudi nationality and a citizen granted legal citizenship; In the first half of 2020, a total of 1318 physical point branches of commercial banks nationwide were closed; Da Vinci surgical robot, which is relatively unfamiliar to ordinary people, is famous in the medical industry. It is the most widely used surgical robot system at present, and has entered major operating rooms

machines will replace labor more in harsh environments or standardized production fields. As we all know, capital is profit driven, and technology can maximize the realization of the goal of capital. Technology and capital reflect a certain degree of isomorphism. As an effective way of resource allocation, capital can maximize the allocation of resources in the best technological path


era of great changes in employment

with the rapid development of science and technology, the replacement of labor by equipment is performed every day

McKinsey has given a shocking data earlier: with the rapid development of automation, by 2030, the jobs of 800million people in the world will be replaced by machines. With the relatively moderate development of automation, machines will replace 400million global jobs by 2030. Being replaced by machines does not mean a lot of unemployment, because new jobs will be created. Historical data show that technology can create jobs

as shown in the above figure, the annual employment of the whole industry in the United States has decreased significantly after two industrial revolutions, but the number of people employed in trade, education and health care has increased significantly. The impact of automation varies according to the income level, population structure and industrial structure of different countries. The labor market will adjust with the change of labor demand caused by technological reform

the new occupations generated on Alibaba platform have the typical characteristics of the era of data economy. They are born in the Internet and longer than 5. When the hardness tester load is all added, they are shut down and interconnected, which is more derived from the Internet feeding the offline real economy. In 2018, Alibaba retail platform created 40.82 million jobs. The Ministry of human resources and social security, the State Administration of market regulation and the Bureau of Statistics jointly released 13 new occupations, of which more than half of the new occupations, such as digital managers, artificial intelligence engineers and technicians, cloud computing engineers and technicians, IOT engineers and technicians, big data engineers and technicians, industrial robot system operators and operators, have emerged from the digital economy platform represented by Alibaba. McKinsey predicts that with the rapid development of automation, 375million people need to change careers and learn new skills, which is a very key technology of tension machine; Under the relatively moderate development of automation, about 75million people need to change their careers, and almost all workers need to adapt to increasingly powerful machines. These adaptations require a higher level of education or spend more time on activities that require social and emotional skills, creativity, advanced cognitive abilities, and other skills that are relatively difficult to automate

with the rapid application and development of automation, in terms of population, China will face the largest employment change, up to 100million people, accounting for 12% of the labor force in 2030. The problems to be paid attention to in the operation of universal experimental machine are briefly introduced above. Although the instrument industry system is weak, which seems to be a large number, this number is relatively small compared with the tens of millions of Chinese who have transformed from agriculture in the past 25 years

the wheel of history pulls history back 500 years ago. Human beings have invented various tools, but there are more and more people on earth. Gou said publicly in 2011 that Foxconn would assemble 1million robotic arms in 2014 and complete the first batch of automated factories within 5 to 10 years, which is the so-called million robot plan. However, Foxconn's progress in promoting robots is not as smooth as Gou expected. The robot developed by Foxconn still has many problems to be solved. The robot is unstable and has poor accuracy. Many complex processes, such as polishing the metal shell of iPhone, still need manual operation. But more and more Chinese young people are unwilling to engage in monotonous and low paid assembly line work, which makes it difficult for Foxconn to attract a sufficient number of workers

at the beginning of 2020, YouTube abolished a large number of manual content audit teams and replaced them with AI for content audit. However, in September, YouTube decided to temporarily stop this promotion and re hire the manual auditors dismissed at the beginning of the year. One of the important reasons why AI audit is stopped is that compared with manual audit, the rules of AI audit will lead to a large number of accidental injuries. During the National Day in October, the series of reports of "new workers" attracted much attention. Sany Heavy Industry promoted the transformation of traditional workers with various incentives. The teacher learned programming to realize machine replacement. After 70, Zhang Xingu, a teacher with nearly 30 years of milling experience, participated in the training class organized by the company and learned the basic knowledge of robot programming for two hours every night. Sany group, the parent company of Sany Heavy Industry, has issued a certification incentive method for robot programming language. Those who pass the certification will enjoy cash rewards, salary increases and monthly allowances, with a total amount expected to reach tens of millions of yuan

life evolved into human beings. Human life is very different from the lives of other creatures. The biggest characteristic of its difference is that human beings have other purposes besides the purpose of survival. Qian Mu

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