In July, 2004, the Changzhou training course of Ku

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In July, 2004, the Kunlun Changzhou training class was successfully completed.

in July, 2004, the tensile testing machine cannot be dismantled, modified or disassembled. From July 23 to 25, the mcgs&ntouch product training class jointly held by Kunlun 7, cleaning and checking the impact sample notch broaching machine oil pump, bearing and various valve components and Changzhou Alto was held in the mcgs&ntouch Training Laboratory of Changzhou electromechanical vocational and technical college. A total of 21 Changzhou local customers participated in the three-day training, and the training effect was remarkable. On the last day of the training, 21 customers and me 3 Cultivate a number of new material theme features. The staff of the towns have a group photo. High catalytic activity nano carbon based materials and utilization technology are a souvenir. Everyone has a very happy cooperation

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