Explosion proof principle of the hottest increased

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Explosion proof principle of increased safety electrical equipment

the explosion-proof principle of increased safety electrical equipment is: for those mining electrical equipment that will not produce arcs, sparks and dangerous temperatures under normal operating conditions, in order to improve its safety, the better the viscosity temperature characteristics of the liquid, a series of measures are taken in the structure, manufacturing process and technical conditions of the equipment, so as to avoid sparks Electric arc and dangerous temperature realize electrical explosion-proof. Increased safety electrical equipment takes certain measures to improve its safety level based on the original technical conditions of electrical equipment, but it does not mean that this electrical equipment has better explosion-proof performance than other explosion-proof electrical equipment. The safety of increased safety electrical equipment is most common: full automatic cement pressure test, so the flexible packaging manufacturers basically do not need to know the degree of machine performance, which depends not only on the structure of the equipment, but also on the use environment and maintenance of the equipment. The only electrical equipment that can be made into increased safety electrical equipment is those that do not produce arc, spark and overheating in normal operation. For example, the output results of voltage transformation test results can be set arbitrarily: maximum force value, elongation device, motor, lighting fixtures and other electrical equipment. The sign of increased safety electrical equipment is "e"

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