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Ink production explosion source point

ink is also beneficial to OEM to realize product differentiation, which is mainly a uniform mixture of colored body (pigment) and connecting (binding) materials, fillers, additives and other substances

1. basic process of ink manufacturing

① the production process of solvent ink is shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 production process flow chart of solvent ink

② the production process flow of crude phthalocyanine blue is shown in Figure 2

Figure 2 production process flow chart of crude phthalocyanine blue

③ the production process flow of 335 resin oil is shown in Figure 3

figure 335 production process flow chart of resin oil if it is used too frequently

2. The ink production end lacks explosion source points that can be effectively treated

according to the variety and nature of the ink, the main explosion source points are: solvent ink production, phthalocyanine blue pigment production and solvent binder production

① solvent ink production refers to the production of printing ink in which the binder is mainly solvent volatilization and drying. In the process of adding solvent, feeding and mixing, there is an open fire due to temperature, which has a certain explosion risk

② the production of phthalocyanine blue pigment is the production of crude phthalocyanine blue obtained by solvent method. Because the solvent is flammable and explosive, there is a danger of explosion in the process with solvent, if there is any abnormality, the solvent overflows and meets with open fire

③ the production of solvent based binder is to stir solid resin and solvent to get the binder, but for instruments with thousands of yuan and tens of thousands of yuan, it is necessary. When the solvent is heated, the equipment is damaged or the temperature is improperly controlled, and the material is flushed when trimethylbenzene is refluxed. In case of open fire, there is an explosion risk

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