Explosion proof management measures for the produc

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Explosion proof management measures for daily machinery production

⑴ protect the atmosphere. Fireworks are strictly prohibited in the instrument operation room and ammonia decomposition room of the annealing furnace, and it is forbidden to wear clothes that may produce electrostatic sparks and shoes with nails. ⑵ all kinds of inflammables such as paint, gasoline and thinner must be stored in a safe and fixed place, and a reasonable storage amount must be maintained. (3) the hangers, paint pans and flues used for spraying should be treated chemically when cleaning the paint scale. It is strictly forbidden to burn the paint scale in the hood furnace and indoors. (4) calcium carbide in acetylene generator shall be discharged in time; Market competition intensifies, and the amount of water added cannot be less than the specified standard. At the same time, the calcium carbide feeding cannot be excessive. It is strictly forbidden to add small calcium carbide in a centralized manner. (5) the acetylene generator should discharge the air in time after adding calcium carbide. Always check whether the welding torch fails to prevent oxygen from returning to the generator. (6) the safety valve must be cleaned and maintained frequently during use, and it is not allowed to increase the pressure at will. And regularly check whether the safety valve and pressure gauge fail. (7) acetylene cylinders should be used upright to prevent acetone from flowing out. During handling, strong vibration and collision shall be prevented. 1 Electronic universal experimental machine: this experimental machine is a kind of blow with relatively large consumption, so that it can be loaded and unloaded with care. (8) oxygen cylinders are strictly prohibited from contacting with grease. Operators shall not wear gloves with grease to open and close the bottle valve to prevent accidents. (9) when assembling and using in the production line, try not to change the injection temperature, back pressure, injection cycle and the amount of oxygen and acetylene added to the color masterbatch, store the gas cylinders in a safe place, and try to use centralized storage and busbar pipeline transportation. (10) salt bath quenching must ensure the quality of salt, no pulverized coal and organic impurities, and waterproof measures must be taken. When using sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite salts, the heating temperature must be strictly controlled according to the post operation regulations to prevent explosion hazards caused by high-temperature decomposition. (11) the raw materials used for chemical treatment shall be stored according to the classification requirements, and the containers of various chemicals shall be clearly marked. (12) oxidants such as chromic anhydride, sodium nitrite and ammonium nitrate used in washing, plating, blackening and heat treatment are strictly prohibited to be mixed with inflammables and kept cool and dry. ⒀ cyanide solution must not be mixed with acid solution in a container to avoid chemical reaction and hydrogen cyanide gas, poisoning and explosion accidents

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