Tianjiao of the hottest Tianma futures continued t

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Tianma Futures: Tianjiao continued to oscillate in the range

today, the main contract ru0807 of Tianjiao opened at 22415 and closed at 22360. Intraday trading was clear, so after using the tensile testing machine for a period of time, the trading volume was 147124 hands and the position was 47426 hands

Tokyo rubber futures rose sharply on Thursday, supported by the overnight rise in crude oil futures, and the yen weakened against the US dollar. Traders said that there was a possibility of further volatility in the futures price trend, as the market continued to be deeply affected by peripheral factors, although the fundamentals remained strong due to the reduction of production in the winter season. However, it is expected that the Japanese glue will still maintain the oscillation area because there is no direct relationship between the expansion speed and the stretching speed

the domestic natural rubber market continues to fluctuate in a wide range. Although the positive fundamentals still form a certain support for the market, with the end of the off-season of rubber tapping, the increase in spot supply will directly suppress the rise of the natural rubber market. Under the influence of exchange rate, inventory and other factors, it is difficult for the market to obtain buying support in the short-term market; It is also difficult for Shanghai Jiao to make a big change in the short term. Both long and short sides have no intention to promote the market. At present, with the continuous reduction of positions, the market activity of Shanghai Jiao is also declining. Investors should also enter the market carefully on Shanghai Jiao. Investors are advised to leave the market and wait-and-see or short-term operation in the day

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