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Explosion proof measures for wine and alcohol storage

to do a good job in the safety and explosion prevention of Baijiu storage and alcohol and Baijiu storage in the production process is an important safety work in the brewing industry. The following aspects should be done well in safety management and specific measures

① strengthen safety management measures to ensure safe production from the organizational system, such as seriously implementing the post system and the principle of who is in charge and who is responsible. Establish strict post safety operation procedures, so that the group is very perfect for each patient, with strict organization, sound system, specific and clear measures

② post open fire control, wine warehouse, blending, filling and other posts should be strictly controlled, smoking and open fire operation are prohibited; Non explosion proof electrical equipment cannot be installed and used, and the problems that may cause sparks, short circuits, heating and damage to the electrical insulation of Jinan experimental machine should be eliminated in time. Good grounding measures shall be taken for equipment and containers that can generate static electricity. In this regard, it is necessary to check regularly and solve problems in a timely manner

③ regular post detection. The ethanol gas content in the wine warehouse, blending and operation posts should be detected regularly and regularly. When the ethanol content reaches 2.5%, the mechanical or coal and rock shear strength test must be carried out: the maximum shear stress borne by a certain section of the coal and rock sample under the action of a certain normal stress, the natural ventilation tensile space:> 500mm to reduce the ethanol vapor concentration, and the breather valve should be installed on the top of the large wine storage tank, There are sunscreen and cooling measures

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