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Overview of explosion-proof production of synthetic detergent

the system has the function of independent evaluation. Synthetic detergent commonly used include sodium alkyl aryl sulfonate and sodium alkyl sulfate. A large amount of benzene, alkanes and chlorine are used as raw materials in the process of producing samples with low compression resistance requirements with a large range of equipment. Chlorine should not be introduced too quickly in production, so as to avoid excessive temperature, which will make a large number of reaction materials volatilize and sublimate and escape. Chlorine must first enter the reactor through the evaporator. Generally, chlorine cylinders or tank cars cannot be directly introduced, so as to prevent chlorinated organic substances from flowing back into the cylinders or tank cars and causing explosions. Benzene is a class I flammable liquid. Open fire is strictly prohibited in the workshop, and the electrical device should be explosion-proof. Benzene is also prone to generate static electricity. "Consumption upgrading is an innovation opportunity, so we should do a good job in eliminating static electricity every time in Shanghai

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