Explosion occurred in Tangshan Bangli Dayin Chemic

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Explosion in Tangshan Bangli Dayin Chemical Co., Ltd.

explosion in Tangshan Bangli Dayin Chemical Co., Ltd.

May 8, 2005

at about 3:50 p.m. on May 1, an explosion occurred in the compression workshop of Tangshan Bangli Dayin Chemical Co., Ltd., and three workers on duty were injured at different degrees. Seven people were injured and taken to hospital in the shops along national highway 102 affected by the explosion

At about 18:00 p.m., we saw at the scene of the accident of banglidayin company in the east of Yutian county that most of the glass of the shops along the street about 100 meters around the explosion site was shattered, the anti-theft roller shutter door had also been distorted, and the adjacent National Highway 102 was full of glass fragments. At the gate of Bangli silver company, I saw that the roof of the building with the explosion body among the global chemical giants had been lifted off, and the roof beam was distorted

it was learned from Yutian County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and people's hospital that one of the three injured workers was still receiving treatment in Yutian County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, and the other two seriously injured workers had been transferred to the intensive care unit of Tangshan workers' hospital for treatment; Seven slightly injured people were also examined and treated in Yutian traditional Chinese medicine hospital

after the explosion, Yutian County specially formed a leading group to study and deal with the treatment of the wounded and the aftermath through force measuring sensors, amplifiers and data processing systems, and the relevant departments quickly organized capable forces to invest in the rescue work. At present, safety precautions such as power failure and shutdown have been taken at the explosion site, and various potential safety hazards have been eliminated. In November 2013, Li Shu, deputy manager in charge of production of Bangli Dayin Chemical Co., Ltd., said that the explosion unit was located in the west of the compression workshop, and the specific cause of the explosion was still under investigation

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