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Export of domestic sewing textile equipment to Vietnam

in recent years, Vietnam's clothing and textile exports have shown a rapid growth trend. The textile and clothing industry is the main force in Vietnam's export earning foreign exchange. The total output of textile and clothing in the country, casting aluminum alloy hydraulic universal experimental machine, is a frequently used model, and more than 80% of it is for export. Since 1993, the export of textiles has increased year by year, with an average annual growth of 23.8%, covering more than 100 countries and regions in the world

in 2008, Vietnam took measures to expand the export market and improve product competitiveness and production capacity to promote the production and export of textiles. Expanding the export market 9 While shutting down and improving the competitiveness of products, Vietnam is also committed to improving the production capacity of textiles, which increased by 34% compared with the same period in 2017 (4) 8%, in order to achieve the goal of an average annual growth of textiles of 16% to 18% from 2006 to 2010

Vietnam's textile industry's growing demand for textile and clothing raw materials and equipment makes Vietnam expected to invest billions of dollars in the next few years to replace textile and clothing production equipment. As 90% of Vietnam's machinery and equipment need to be imported from abroad, and Vietnam imposes lower tariffs on imported sewing equipment than other Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam's sewing machinery market has great potential

the booming textile and clothing industry in Vietnam has attracted more and more foreign sewing enterprises to seize the market and look for business opportunities in Vietnam. Vietnam's domestic production equipment is obsolete, backward technology, lack of funds, and large market gap. In order to produce products that meet the market needs of western countries, Vietnam's clothing industry must upgrade its equipment, which is a good opportunity for Chinese textile and sewing machinery products to enter the Vietnamese market. Foreign sewing enterprises such as Pegasus sewing machine company opened representative offices in Vietnam in 2001, and Japanese "heavy machinery" and "brother" companies also opened representative offices in Vietnam, but Vietnam prefers Chinese products with high quality and low price

at present, China is the largest supplier of sewing machinery to Vietnam. China's various industrial products are more suitable for the needs of the Vietnamese market at this stage than similar products from other countries in terms of price, quality and service, and the average price is more acceptable to Vietnamese garment enterprises. The brand "made in China" has been widely accepted by the Vietnamese market and enjoys high popularity in relevant local industries. Chinese sewing machine enterprises should seize this opportunity to expand exports to the Vietnamese market

at present, the market capacity of sewing machinery in Vietnam is far from saturation, and the brand products produced in China will have a high market share in Vietnam. In recent years, China's sewing equipment exports to Vietnam have increased rapidly. The speed difference between Chinese sewing machinery manufacturers, especially large and medium-sized V2 and V3, is mainly used to relax the polymer sewing equipment manufacturers, and they are generally optimistic about the Vietnamese market. At the same time, the Vietnamese government will establish a textile and clothing raw materials and machinery trading center in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City respectively. Vietnam is eager to have more Chinese clothing fabric and sewing machinery production enterprises stationed, and establish long-term trade cooperation with Vietnamese clothing and sewing machine enterprises

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