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How to improve the air quality in the car in the haze days

winter and spring are the seasons with frequent hazes, and severe haze weather has been enveloping many cities in the north. In case of fog and haze, riders are advised to reduce outdoor travel plans as much as possible to reduce the chance of inhaling harmful gases in addition to necessary commuting

1. Internal circulation is required to turn on the air conditioner

since the air on the road is seriously polluted, you should certainly try to avoid directly breathing these harmful gases in the car. When the air conditioner is turned on in haze weather, it should be adjusted to the "internal circulation" mode. The internal circulation state is mainly to close the air flow channels inside and outside the vehicle, forming the air circulation inside the vehicle. Opening the internal circulation can effectively prevent external dust and harmful gas from entering the vehicle; In the area with dense vehicles, it can also block the harmful exhaust gas discharged by the front vehicle

in haze weather, even if doors and windows are closed, high concentration of suspended pollutants or inhalable particles can enter the vehicle through external circulation. Therefore, in case of haze, the car owner shall not only close the doors and windows, but also try to turn on the internal circulation system of the air conditioner in the car

2. Pay attention to the cleaning of the air conditioner and the filtration of the air inside the car. All these are related to the efficiency of the experiment. The enterprise needs to pay nearly 10billion yuan to its employees every year through the air conditioner filter. In order to improve the air quality inside the car in the haze days, it is very important to keep the air filter clean. After long-term use, the air conditioning filter will certainly absorb a considerable amount of dust and debris. If it is not cleaned and replaced regularly, not only will the air filtration effect be greatly reduced, but also it is easy to breed various bacteria in the air conditioning system. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the air conditioning filter and air conditioning pipeline regularly and disinfect the vehicle

keeping the interior clean is also very important to improve the air quality inside the car. Indoor sterilization is generally conducted twice a year, and the appropriate time is the transition between spring and summer and the transition between autumn and winter. After sterilization, not only the air in the car can be purified, but also conducive to health

when the weather is good, you can also put the car in the sun and open the windows for ventilation. For vehicles with sunroof, the sunroof can be opened, and good air circulation can be obtained in a short time after convection is formed. The sunroof should not be opened for too long. It can take a few minutes to get the effect

3. Select and purchase air purification equipment to realize multi link collaborative enhancement of synchronous design of materials and terminal products, system verification, batch utilization and supply.

at present, many new models are equipped with "negative ion generator" or on-board air purification devices, which can be used in haze days. When the air condition is poor, the owner should remember to turn on these air purification devices, and do not waste this function

if the car is not equipped with this device, riders can also configure an air purifier and fix it in the car for use in haze days. At present, the air purifier that can prevent and control PM2.5 is generally used in cars or in rooms with small area. The main working principle is to "filter" harmful particles through multiple filtration of indoor air, so as to achieve the cleanness of indoor air

commonly used air purification technologies include: multi-layer filtration purification technology, ozone purification technology, ion purification technology, electrostatic precipitation technology, Photocatalyst purification technology, etc. two methods of multi-layer filtration purification and electrostatic precipitation purification are recommended

4. Cultivate healthy car use habits

during daily car use, good car use habits are also an important aspect of maintaining air quality in the car. In haze days, car owners should pay attention not to smoke in the closed car, and try not to sleep or eat in the car at ordinary times. Arbis Plastic Co., Ltd. expanded its medical product portfolio to take off shoes and throw garbage, which polluted the air in the car. If there is garbage in the car, remember to clean it up in time

be careful not to use air fresheners frequently. Although air freshener can freshen the air in the car in a short time, it can treat the symptoms rather than the root causes. Over time, it will cause new air pollution in the car. If there is a peculiar smell in the car, try to ask a professional cleaning organization for comprehensive and thorough cleaning and sterilization. Every time you wash the car, wipe every corner of the car with a damp cloth to keep the car clean and pleasant

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