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doors and windows are a channel connecting the outside world. This channel allows you to see the outside world and let people know your home, so the design of doors and windows is particularly important for home decoration. The most important thing in the design of doors and windows is the size of doors and windows. Whether the size design is standardized directly affects the overall design of doors and windows. Before the installation of doors and windows, we must understand the following standards of door and window size design, and make full preparations for the subsequent design and installation of doors and windows

I. design standard of residential door size

1. Size of entrance door

entrance door refers to the door of the living room, which is the "Facade" of a home and gives people a crucial first impression. The size of the gate is generally designed to be 0.95m wide × 2.1m high × 0.9m or 0.95m wide × 2.1m high × With a thickness of 0.22m (aluminum alloy single door), the door designed in this size is magnificent, giving the family an unforgettable and decent facade

2. Door size

generally speaking, the height of the door should not be higher than 2 meters, the width of the door is generally designed to be between 0.8m~09m, and the size of the bedroom door in the front sign can be recommended to be 0.8m wide × The height is 2m. If the bedroom door chooses to leave a hole to wrap the door pocket, the size is 0.86m wide × The height is 2.3m. The height of the door should be no more than 2.4 meters at most, otherwise it is easy to cause stress problems, and the pressure bearing design of the door leaf and frame also needs to be strengthened. If you want a better shape and better ventilation and lighting effect, you can add a waist window, which should be 0.4m high and should not be too high, which will affect the overall design effect. If the door is of non-standard size, it should be customized according to the size of the door pocket

3. Size of kitchen door

now, many people prefer to choose sliding doors, one-way or two-way sliding doors. If the sliding door is one-way, the door should be designed with a width of 0.7m-0.8m according to the width of 0.6m of general refrigerators and household appliances, so as to facilitate the access of electrical appliances. If the sliding door is a two-way sliding door, the total width of the two doors should be within the range of 1.4m, 1.8m and 2m

4. The size of toilet door

in fact, there is not much emphasis on the toilet door. The size can be determined according to the area of the toilet. A larger toilet can be a larger door, and a smaller toilet can be a smaller door. Generally speaking, the height of the toilet door is 1.9m, 2M and 2.1m, and the width is generally between 0.8m-0.9m. The specific size should be calculated according to the area of the toilet. Of course, the toilet door with special points needs to be customized

II. Residential window size design standard

1. Residential window size specification

sill height

in general residential buildings, the sill height is required to be not less than 0.9m. When the sill height is less than 0.8m, corresponding protective measures should be taken

window height

in general residential buildings, the height of the window is 1.5m, plus the height of the windowsill is 0.9m, then the top of the window is 2.4m from the floor. The height of the window should be determined according to the requirements of lighting, ventilation, spatial image, etc.

, but attention should be paid to the excessive firmness and safety of the window, and beams or " should be added if necessary; Spell "e

window width

window width generally starts from 0.6m. According to the provisions of the building standard opening specification, the width modulus of the general building opening is 0.3mm, that is, the general window width is 0.6m, 0.9m,

1.2m, 1.5m, and so on. It should be noted that when the window opening is too wide, a vertical keel or "splicing" should be added, otherwise the problem of the firmness of the window is easy to occur

III. design standard of villa door and window size

1. Basic size of villa door and window

the size of villa door can be measured according to the area proportion of villa building, from 1.2m × 2.2 to 4m × About 2.5m is also OK. The size of the gate when designing the opening in the drawing is 1.5m × 2.7m。

as for the size of the villa gate, we also need to see how large the villa is built. Too large or too small the villa gate will affect the beauty. If there is a reserved door opening: the single door is 0.95m, and the child and parent door is 1.15m; If the door of the villa is not customized, then you need to follow the above two. If customized, invite the surveyor of the brand store to customize the wall load and the size of the door opening

there is also such a saying about the size of the villa door: the maximum width of the door of normal size is 0.90M, and the height is 2m. If it is a child and mother door, add the size measurement of the small door. If the villa window is not customized, it is generally determined by the size of the ordinary residential window above. If it is a customized window type, the specific size is determined through systematic measurement

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