How to improve the marketing effect of the paint d

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How to improve the marketing effect of the paint dealer team

how to improve the marketing effect of the paint dealer team

when the manufacturer cooperates with the dealer company, the marketing work of the new product launch is particularly important. Dealer companies generally distribute multiple brands. If the promotion of new product launch is not effective, it is likely that dealer personnel are not interested in new products, so they do not try their best to complete the market and affect the progress of new product launch. Therefore, how to mobilize the sales passion and rhythm of the dealer's sales team is particularly important

in a certain market, Lu Zonggang, the dealer boss, took over a medium-sized paper product enterprise and became a regional dealer in the local market. Xiao Zhang, the manufacturer's business representative of the paper enterprise, is responsible for the management and maintenance of the customer

after the first order arrived, Xiao Zhang and President Lu worked out a marketing plan together, and then passed it to the dealer team. Xiao Zhang comes to the dealer's office every two days and asks how the store is doing? The dealer's boss always replied, "it's being paved.". Half a month has passed, and the market effect is not ideal. The dealer has 1200 sales points, but the actual number of stores is only 120, and the demand for goods is very small

Xiao Zhang communicated with the dealer again. The dealer complained that your product was not good. During the marketing process, our business said that the product was not well-known, the price was high, the product packaging was not high enough, the store had goods that were not needed for the time being, the policy was not as good as competitive products, and the product quality was not good enough... The dealer boss also said: you see, I used five cars to specially market your new products, but because of the problems of your products, I can do nothing about it, either. As a result, the market failed, resulting in the lack of confidence of dealers, and Xiao Zhang's work fell into passivity

looking carefully at the above cases, it is not difficult to find that there are many serious mistakes in Xiao Zhang's work: he has only made a simple sales price system, is not familiar with the market, and the dealer's business team has no incentive policies to promote the new product market; They did not go to the market with the dealer salesperson, nor did they give guidance and help to the business market, nor did they systematically summarize the gains and losses of the market process and replicate the successful experience

in fact, during the sales process, any product will encounter various reasons for rejection and temporary non acceptance of the terminal. Finding out the deep-seated reasons must be solved by flexible methods. The most afraid thing is that no one has explored the real reasons, nor summarized the implementation solutions

the following are the author's suggestions for the new product store market

reach an agreement after in-depth communication with the dealer and transfer it to the sales team.

the dealer's boss purchases goods and the sales team sells goods. Only with the boss's instructions and the manufacturer's full cooperation can the sales staff cooperate well. First, through the sales meeting, the importance of selling new products can be publicized together with the dealer boss, and the "dead order" can be conveyed item by item from the two aspects of the significance of the dealer selling new products and the requirements of the manufacturer's market, so as to improve the attention of the whole staff to the market of new products

jointly formulate sales standards and requirements with dealers. Quantitative indicators

according to the actual operating conditions of similar products in the local market, formulate a marketing strategy with competitive advantages in combination with the products themselves. Only when there are standards can they be easily implemented. The manufacturer's business should work with the dealer to develop a perfect marketing plan, including time period, cycle, number of points, Item requirements, display requirements, etc., so that the dealer team can "see" what to do. Only with standards can we have a good implementation. The requirements that are not quantified are "floating clouds", which will be confused during the investigation and tracking. Doing these things well before the market is launched will not only reduce many subsequent unhealthy market risks, but also leave the dealer team with the feeling that the manufacturer has requirements, standards, attention and formality, which is conducive to the implementation of standards

reward and assessment are essential. New products should have new patterns to mobilize the sales team. It is difficult to really mobilize the enthusiasm of the team without a reward and punishment mechanism when there are standards and requirements. The so-called "no profit, no early start", the manufacturer's representative and the dealer should formulate a special assessment and incentive policy for the new product market, so as to arouse the enthusiasm of the team beyond the phased "high incentive" of other products, for example: 5 points of Market Commission for one month, and then maintain the difference of 3 points normally; The first purchase of all items in a single store, the purchase quantity reaching 20 pieces and the effective display is outstanding, and the incentive of 20 yuan for an excellent development store is given

the manufacturer's representatives and dealers should calculate these expenses when formulating price strategies. For the manufacturers and dealers, in order to effectively market in the early stage, they can all come up with some practical phased policies and support. Don't put on airs, because there is no successful market, which is not good for everyone

cooperate to build the market, stay in the front line, and make process feedback and correction. After the above planning work is completed, it will enter the field market building stage. The manufacturer's representative must cooperate with the dealer's business personnel to visit and shop the market, provide on-site guidance and jointly cooperate in sales. In this process, you can understand the real information of the front line of the market. Pressing the "input i/4" key for professional collaboration will also improve the enthusiasm of the dealer salesperson. If you don't go to the front line, the information reflected by the dealer staff is difficult to distinguish between true and false, and their work progress and status are also difficult to figure out

maintain good customer relations with the salesperson, and have the status that the manufacturer should have.

as the salesperson of the manufacturer, he should maintain a good status in front of the salesperson of the dealer, be neither arrogant nor arrogant, maintain affinity but not lose authority, understand the difference between working friendship and personal friendship, and simplify the communication mode, mainly guided. It's not easy for these front-line brothers. Don't be stingy with your praise and encouragement. Those who don't do a good job are mainly pointed out. Don't move 1 Before the test, check whether the connection of the tester is normal and report it to the dealer's boss. Those who win the support of the people will win the world. If you can work hard on the front line, your state will infect them. Do not just command, but do not participate in the battle

communicate with the dealer boss about the business progress, say more about the advantages of excellent business, and transfer positive energy

after work at night, tell the dealer boss about the process of cooperating with the dealer to build the market, comment more with the dealer boss about the outstanding members of his team, and express implicitly about those who do not perform well. Don't take credit from the dealer's boss and sales team, and give credit to the dealer's business team. They need a sense of satisfaction and honor, so that they can have greater energy and the image of the manufacturer's personnel in the dealer's company. This is conducive to rallying people and uniting them to complete the preliminary market laying work

business summary meeting, set up rankings, find out the reasons, and let outstanding salespeople share their experience

regularly hold business market summary meetings to find out the reasons for the poor market, summarize effective methods, and identify better routes and regions in the market, so that the industry representatives can share their experience and drive the whole staff to learn and reflect. At the same time, a ranking system for the progress of the market was established to improve everyone's sense of competition and sense of honor and disgrace

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