An example of 05 offset press failure

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An example of 05 offset press failure

a J2205 split two-color offset press in our factory has the unstable symptoms of uneven paper feeding speed and early and late arrival of paper at the front gauge during one printing, resulting in inaccurate overprinting of prints

at first, the operator thought that the paper feeder was faulty, but the replacement of the paper feeder did not work. Then the operator adjusted the air volume of the air distributing valve, but the stability was not as good as that of the first drive system. Later, he adjusted the pressure of the paper feeder clutch sprocket and the paper feeding paper pressing wheel, but it was not eliminated. Later, an experienced master found that the paper feeding belt was faulty. After careful inspection, it was found that the surface of the paper feeding belt had been polished and smooth due to long-term use, and there was no tension in the length direction, resulting in relaxation. Therefore, we replaced the paper belt, and after correct adjustment, we tried to print on the machine, and the above faults were eliminated

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