BASF will promote the proportion of female leaders

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BASF will promote the proportion of female leaders in management positions

BASF will promote the proportion of female leaders in management positions

February 24, 2020

new goal: by 2030, the proportion of women in leadership will reach 30%

by 2030, BASF plans to increase the proportion of female leaders in leadership to 30% worldwide. By the end of 2019, the proportion of female managers was 23% (2018: 21.7%). As early as 2015, BASF set a goal - "⑥ increase the proportion of female leaders to 22% - 24% by the compressive strength of base paper cartons by 2021", which has been achieved ahead of schedule by the end of 2019

whether for BASF or the entire leadership, the goal of improving the gender balance of the leadership has yet to be achieved. In BASF, this goal covers the management positions in all production and operation locations of the company, which fully reflects the unified strategy adopted by the group in the cultivation of global management personnel. BASF pays particular attention to the three leadership levels under the executive board. As an influential group, these leaders can play a key role in further building a diversified corporate culture. This also helps BASF enhance its brand appeal in talent recruitment. As of December 31, 2019, the proportion of female leaders in the three ranks below the executive board was 15.8%

Dr. Martin Bruderm ü ller, chairman of the Executive Board of BASF Europe, said: "We hope that more women will join BASF's management team and give full play to their excellent abilities. As an R & D driven enterprise, we know the valuable value of multi-dimensional thinking and working methods of shaping objects with required shape or suitable tightening force through plastic deformation. Different ideas help to bring creative and innovative solutions to our customers." This new goal will also promote the implementation of the company's corporate strategy - to create value for the society while achieving profit growth

various measures help achieve the goals

achieving the new goals depends on the joint efforts of all leaders. Early selection, nomination and training of highly talented female employees and planning of long-term succession plans are all helpful measures. In BASF, most leadership positions are held by internal personnel. In addition, BASF will support young leaders through individual mentors and training programs

BASF has been a member of Germany's "chefsache" (high-level Affairs) initiative since 2016. The initiative brings together leaders from industry, academia, the public sector and the media to promote social changes such as increasing the proportion of female leaders in Germany

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