Basic requirements for safety technology of manual

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Basic requirements for safety technology of manual arc welding

L. the shell and workbench of electric welding machine must have a good grounding which is more wear-resistant and scratch resistant than ordinary plastic

2. The voltage of no-load electric welding machine shall be between 60 ~ 90V

3. The electric welding equipment shall use the power knife switch with live fuse and shall be installed in a closed box

4. Before using the welding machine, carefully check whether the insulation of its primary and secondary wires is complete and whether the wiring is well insulated

the higher the degree of protection and filtering efficiency, the higher the safety of the dust mask. 5 When the welding equipment is connected with the power circuit, the human body shall not contact the live part

6. When welding indoors or in the open air, a light shield must be set around to prevent arc light from damaging the eyes of workers

7. Welders must be equipped with masks with appropriate filter plates, dry canvas work clothes, gloves, rubber insulation, slag removal protective white glasses and other safety appliances

8. The welding insulated flexible wire shall not be less than 5m. During welding, the flexible wire shall not be laid on the body and the ground wire shall not be stepped on the foot

9. It is strictly forbidden to weld UL1 straight while lifting components, and spare no effort

10. After welding, the power knife switch shall be opened in time

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